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Volvo announces new collision prevention systems for V70, XC70 and S80

True to its tradition of innovation in matters of safety, the Volvo Cars of Canada today announced the launch of a new system for the prevention of collisions, which will equip some of Volvo vehicles in February. The latest technologies and safety preventive Volvo aim to minimize Elements likely to distract the driver, according to some studies, are at the origin of 90% of road accidents. Based on this figure, Volvo Cars has designed effective technologies that help the driver avoid collisions caused by distraction or fatigue, or limit the severity.

The collision prevention system is an independent option offered on the XC70 and V70 priced at $ 1,795. This system is part of the Security Group $ 3445 on the S80 luxury sedan. It is based on a number of technologies:

The adaptive cruise control (ACC) helps the driver by maintaining a certain distance from the vehicle ahead, allowing them to drive relaxed way when the flow of vehicles is irregular. The driver activates the cruise control, rule Desired maximum speed and chooses a time interval between it and the vehicle in front of. A radar sensor continuously measures the distance that separates this vehicle and automatically adjusts the speed of the Volvo to maintain this distance.

Collision Warning with Auto Brake (CWAB) includes an automatic braking if a rear collision is imminent. If Volvo is approaching a vehicle from behind and the driver does not react, a red light starts flashing on the windshield and an audible signal sounds. If the risk of collision increases despite these warnings, assisted braking is activated. If the driver does not brake and the sensor determines that a collision is imminent, the brakes are applied. Automatic braking reduces the impact speed and the very fact, the risk of injury to the occupants of both vehicles.

Distance Alert (DA) helps the driver maintain an appropriate distance from the vehicle in front of if the cruise control is disabled. The system is activated by means of a button on the center console. If the gap (in time) between Volvo and this vehicle is lower than the selected value, the system will alert the driver with a visual indication that is displayed in the lower part of the windscreen.

Control of the driver's concentration (DAC) is designed for cases where the risk of losing his concentration is most high. For example, a straight road without a jerk places the driver in a state of relaxation that increases the risk of distraction or drowsiness. A camera continuously measures the distance that separates the lines of demarcation vehicle lanes. Sensors record the movements of the vehicle, while a control unit stores the information and determines if the driver is losing control of the vehicle. If the risk is assessed as high, the driver is alert with an audible signal. A text message has the information with a symbol of a coffee cup screen, which suggests the driver to take a break.

The lane change warning (LDW) helps prevent accidents involving a single vehicle and head-on collisions caused by temporary distraction. It is activated by means of a located on the center console button. It alerts the driver with a light tone when the vehicle departs from its lane without obvious reason - for example, without the flashing has been active. The system uses a camera to monitor the position of the vehicle between the lines of demarcation ways. He took office from 65 km / h and remains active as long as the speed is greater than 60 km / h.

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