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USA: the voice command while driving is more dangerous, according to a study

Having recourse to the voice recognition to send text messages and emails while driving is more dangerous than talking on the cell phone practice, does one says a new U.S. study.

While automakers have praised their voice technology as a safer solution for motorists, researchers from the American Automobile Association have demonstrated that it was rather the opposite.

The drivers feel more cautious in using this information has since technology keep both hands on their steering wheel while driving.

However, speech recognition systems to send emails and SMS messages, view or delete it, while driving, in fact require a greater concentration of drivers other activities examined for this study, as eg speaking on the phone, contact a passenger, listen to the soundtrack of a record book or listen to the radio.

The higher the concentration the motorist demand is high, the greater the probabilities that he developed what researchers call the "tunnel vision" or "blind inattention."

Distracted motorists and cease to check the status of the road or omit to watch their blind spots and mirrors.

They will rather tend to look straight ahead, thus paying more attention to what surrounds them in the immediate, with its red lights or pedestrians in particular.

Around 9 million cars and trucks in the U.S. are equipped with this type of information software, a number that could rise to 62 million by 2018, says a spokeswoman for AAA, Yolanda Cade, citing data on the automotive industry.

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