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Two thirds of Quebecois crisscross roads this summer

A survey conducted on behalf of Uniroyal tires indicates that the duration and distance of trips will depend on gasoline prices and found some funny facts as usual singing, preening and ranting against congestion

The frozen St. John the Baptist announces the beginning of the summer holidays and consequently auto travel. Despite the outbreak of gasoline prices, many Canadians will be a traveling the roads this summer and Quebecois will not be the exception, with over two thirds (71%) intending to make at least a trip by car. Of these, the majority (64%) provides for two to four road displacements by Labour Day, according to a national survey recently and Uniroyal Tires control realized by Harris / Decima.

Prices at the pump but will affect the travel plans of more than half (54%) of the Quebecois, the latter providing for shorten their holiday or choose a destination closer to home.

The Quebecois who did not intend to travel the roads this summer invoke the outbreak of gasoline prices (38%). In Canada, these are the respondents in the Atlantic provinces (68%) and Ontario (61%) are most likely to avoid road travel for this reason.

"This survey has allowed us to see that the displacements on the road remains the privileged mode of transportation Quebecois, but tourists must travel more intelligently to maximize the value of their money," says Nadine Lussier, communications manager for Uniroyal Tires . "At Uniroyal, we believe it is important to help all Canadians to go further with their money when traveling on the road, whether or browse more kilometers to get a better performance of their tires. "

Drivers searches

Interviewed about their preferences, half of Canadians (49%) said they would prefer to have a companion with whom to share the responsibility of driving. In general, women prefer to share the driving (58%) or be transient (23%), while men prefer to largely be the only driver (58% against 19%). Compared to other age groups, younger respondents, or 18 to 34 years are those who prefer the less drive all the time (28%).

Moreover, it seems that Canadians are not only driving while driving. They bring a contribution for multitasking skills to engage in other activities:

The vast majority of Canadians (85%) say sing while driving, at least, has the opportunity.

Over three-quarters (77%) of Canadians eat at the wheel, although all provinces are Quebec respondents who are least inclined to do so, a third of them (33%) saying never eat driving.

Most Canadians (84%) ask for directions when lost.

Three out of five respondents (57%) ranting against the traffic or other drivers, while two in five (38%) honk in traffic jams or lend a horn for other cars. Most respondents walls, at least 65 remain calmer in traffic, 70% never cursing against other cars, and 77% saying they never use their horn.

One in five Canadian (19%) took the opportunity to rebuild their beauty while driving (hair, makeup, etc..), Compared to 6% of men.

20% of Canadians admit to driving without shoes.

One in ten Canadians (11%) send text messages on his cell phone while driving, although virtually no answering (1%) 55 years and over not sending text messages while driving.

Almost half of Canadians (45%) use their cell phone while driving, those who are most often between 18 and 34 years (68%).

The Quebecois are less likely to use their cell phone while driving, three quarters (74%) said they did not do so (compared to 55% on a national scale).

The number of Quebecois using a hands-free device or headset when talking on cell is slightly higher than the rest of Canadians (30% vs. 25%).

"The survey was conducted one month after the application of the law in Quebec banning the use of cell phones on the road and that moment, already 30% of Quebecois using a hands-free device. We hope that this number will continue to grow, thereby increasing the driving habits on the road, "says Ms. Lussier.

Objects first need on the road

Canadians say that car, music is an essential element, 84% of them taking care to bring their titles preferes. Followed by snacks (71%), followed closely by emergency kits or first aid (66%). Regionally, Ontarians are more likely to carry an emergency kit or first aid (73%) compared to the Quebecois who are least likely to do so (53%).

"The summer holidays present an opportunity ideal for entertaining family and friends. But it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure our safety when we are on the road. By taking a few minutes to add a first aid kit for luggage and check the pressure of the spare tire before departure, we can then take the road to peace of mind to focus on all the good times to come, "says Lussier.

About Tires Uniroyal Uniroyal Tire is one of the most famous brands of tires for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, vans, light trucks, minivans and sport utility vehicles. Since 1892, Uniroyal Tire has a size reputation thanks to its affordable high quality tires, including series and Tiger PawMD LaredoMD. Uniroyal tires perfectly combine reliability, traction and adhesion, and this, in almost all weather conditions, and they are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. For more information, please visit the website of Uniroyal Tires.

About the Survey: This survey was conducted by Harris / Decima on behalf of Uniroyal Tire between April 25 and May 5, 2008 by an online panel, with a sample of 1,262 adult Canadians. A random sample of this size has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8%, 19 times out of 20. 

For more information or to contact a representative of Uniroyal, please contact to:

Communications MECA:

Joelle Langevin 514-288-8500 x233 [email protected]      

Julie Lepsetz 514-288-8500 ext 236 [email protected]     

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