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Chrysler recalls 9000 Ram 1500 trucks for brake problem

The automaker Chrysler announced Tuesday the recall of 9000 Ram 1500 pickup trucks can be afflicted with a problem with the emergency brake.

The company specified that the recall affects 6574 vehicles in the United States and 2,431 in Canada. They were assembled at the plant in Warren, near Detroit, the 17 December to 22 January.

Chrysler says that the emergency brake vans of these may have been wrong caliber, which could reduce the effectiveness.

If the defective vehicle had to be parked in a rather tilted slope, it could move because of the problem.

Of 12 April, the owners of these trucks Ram 1500 will receive a reminder notice. Their vehicle will be inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

Chrysler has identified six situations defective emergency brake on the recent Ram 1500 model, but no casualties were reported.

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