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Honda Pilot 2011: Recall of about 442 vehicles in Canada

Statement by Honda Canada on the recall of its models Pilot 2011 for a suspension problem

Honda Canada Inc. recalled about 442 vehicles Pilot automotive year 2011 in Canada to prevent a potential fault with the suspension in the front.

A possible problem occurred in the machinery used to tighten the nuts on the hub of the vehicle front axle, as well as the damper attachment bolts could cause a failure in the front suspension of a small number of these vehicles. An error in the software used for the equipment of this assembly process was detected at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC (HMA) plant. This problem only affects vehicles produced at the plant HMA.

The owners of a Honda Pilot automotive year 2011 will be notified in writing to drive their vehicle to a Honda dealer for inspection. After inspection of the Pilot, the dealer will replace the hub nuts and, if necessary, the attachment bolts of the front shock absorbers.

Honda Canada Inc. announced the recall to encourage all owners of affected vehicles to drive their car from a dealer authorized as soon they receive a notice of Honda Canada Inc. that their vehicle requires repair. Sending notices to customers will begin in late December 2010.

While this recall also covers certain vehicles Agreement end of the year in 2010 and 2011 in the United States, it does not involve any agreement in Canada.

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