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Suzuki will terminate the auto sales in Canada

Suzuki Canada Inc. ("SCI") today announced that it will reorganize its business activities to focus on the long-term growth of its division motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and boating in Canada and begin a gradually reduce motor activities in Canada. Earlier this year, Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan ("SMC") has confirmed the production and supply of auto model year 2014 SCI, and this decision will remain in effect. Today's announcement follows the recent decision of SMC that, after its 2014 model year, it will stop producing the new car to Canada.

November 5, 2012 latest, American Suzuki Motor Corporation ("ASMC") announced its decision to focus its activity on the long-term growth of its division motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and boating and disrupt New car sales in the continental United States work. SCM and SCI have since monitors market conditions carefully and after having examined the long-term viability of the production of cars destined for Canada, SMC has concluded that it was more feasible to produce automobiles for distribution and sale on the Canadian market.

SCI remains firmly committed to its division motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and boating is well positioned competitively in Canada and become the center of activities of SCI once the reorganization is completed. SCI remains very proud of its motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and boating products of quality and continue to provide the Canadian market more excellent products that its customers have come to know and they expect.

A process of orderly transition to best serve customers and interested parties SCI has long had a reputation to meet its commitments to its products, it will continue to do during and after the process of reorganization. All guarantees will be honorees SCI and auto parts and service SCI will continue to be offered to customers without interruption through the network of dealers and service point guarantee SCI.

SCI will work with existing auto dealers to make a smooth transition to the new car sales towards operations and service warranty only. Has to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible, SCI will provide to all its auto dealers a period of at least 12 months during which they will transition. SCI continue to import and distribute new cars during this transitional period to meet the demand continues to dealers and customers.

SCI did not undertake a process of court-supervised restructuring in Canada. Contractual and financial commitments SCI will honor him during and after the transition.

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