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Suzuki will stop selling cars but continue with other vehicles

American Suzuki Motor company will stop selling cars in the United States, a decision enrolling in its restructuring efforts.

On Monday, the California-based company announced that it was calling for the protection of Article 11 of the American bankruptcy law. The value of its debt and its responsibilities totals an amount between 100 and U.S. $ 500 million.

American Suzuki Motor says it has enough funds to operate during its restructuring. The company provides be able to honor guarantees and redemptions of vehicles already sold.

Some of its car dealers sell henceforth of parts and ensure the maintenance of vehicles, while others close their doors.

The company will continue to sell motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and outboard motors in the United States.

In October, Suzuki sold 2,023 vehicles in the United States, 5 percent higher than a year earlier.

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