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GM Canada will invest $ 250 million CAMI

General Motors announced today that it plans to invest to invest $ 250 million in its CAMI assembly plant, located in Ingersoll, Ontario. The investment will install the equipment and tools for versatile body, and transform the plant to meet the needs of production vehicles to come.

"The conversion of the CAMI assembly plant in a multi-purpose facility will allow it to produce multiple body styles and architectures for the world," stated Kevin Williams, president and general director of General Motors of Canada. "The constant improvement of the versatility of our manufacturing facilities allows us to respond more quickly to customer needs and market demand. "

"The demand for our most recent vehicles has been very strong since the beginning of 2013, which has contributed to increase our sales, says Williams. That confirms beyond any doubt that our investment in manufacturing a versatile and innovative ways to deliver our products on the market is the right strategy. "

The versatility is a matter of making important strategy for General Motors and this investment has CAMI build a lower cost greater variety of different products on a multiplicity of platforms. GM sees and can, in the same occasion, to launch new products more quickly on the market.

GM is moving rapidly towards more versatile vehicular architectures, which will effectively reduce the complexity of assembly plants while increasing their efficiency, and enhance the ability of the company to quickly adjust its range of products and better meet the needs of its clientele.

Construction should begin in the coming weeks.

Source: GM Canada

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