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TCA approves negotiations with GM

The union representing workers at the General Motors plant in Ingersoll, Ontario, request its members to approve the start of negotiations on a collective agreement hasty, while the manufacturer focuses on the future of two vehicles was assembled these facilities.

Nevertheless, the analyst Dennis DesRosiers, specialist of automotive, has estimated Monday that workers CAMI should not worry even if the assembly of Equinox and Terrain models could be transferred elsewhere because GM will need their production capacity for something else.

Automakers have recorded last year their best financial results in a decade and the two GM vehicles assembled Ingersoll has experienced strong sales.

The Union of Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) has indicated wanting a new agreement for CAMI could be ratified by 24 March to replace the collective agreement currently in force, which must happen Forward on 16 September.

The committee negotiations CAW believes that "it is the right thing to do."

The 2,900 union members will vote on the matter at a scheduled Feb. 10 vote.

The CAMI plant in activity six days a week with three shifts daily, produces the popular crossover vehicles Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain. However it is expected that these vehicles are refreshed for 2015 and it is unclear at what point the new models will be produced.

Last September, the CAW reached with three Detroit automakers agreements for most of their members. The union has stated its intention to use these agreements as a starting point for an eventual agreement CAMI.

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