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CAW want more time to negotiate with GM Canada

The Union of Canadian Auto Workers (CAW), which represents 2,900 employees of General Motors assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ontario, said Friday that they needed more time to negotiate.

CAW wanted departing present a tentative agreement to their members at a meeting scheduled Sunday, but they canceled the meeting to give their negotiators more time to reach an agreement.

Section 88 of the CAW, which represents workers at CAMI Automotive, will negotiate with GM for several weeks.

The president of the section, Dan Borthwick, has indicated that negotiations are expected to continue next week, adding to expect that an agreement can be reached before the expiry of this collective agreement, in September.

Workers CAMI produce crossover vehicles Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain.

Earlier this month, GM announced its intention to invest $ 250 million to install new equipment and modernize its CAMI plant in order to make it a greater variety of vehicles at a cost less high.

The work will include the installation of equipment to enable mounting on different vehicles underbody should commence within a few weeks.

Last month, GM Canada was ranked third among Canadian sales rank of vehicles, behind Chrysler and Ford. Together, the three giants of Detroit represented approximately 47.3 percent of all Canadian sales during the first two months of the year.

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