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Renault launches industrial project in Algeria

Renault, the National Society for Commercial Vehicles (SNVI) and the National Investment Fund (NIF) have signed December 19, 2012 in Algiers, a shareholders' agreement for the creation, partnership, joint venture (51 % part of Algeria and 49% Renault) to develop an automotive industry in Algeria to support the development of the market.

SNVI FNI share 51%, respectively, due to 34% and 17%.

The agreement provides for the establishment of a factory Oued Tlelat, southwest of Oran, for the production of Private Vehicles and Trucks Renault Group destination mainly local market.

Oued Tlelat was chosen because of its advantages for the industrial project: its road network, his hand d'oeuvres QUALIFIED its proximity of the port of Oran, infrastructure and quality of field?.

The annual volume of production of the plant will begin to 25,000 vehicles / year (7 vehicles / hour) to be increased in the second phase 75,000 vehicles / year (15 vehicles / hour). The vehicle product initially will be New Symbol.

The local integration of vehicles will evolve also progressive way to develop the automotive sector in Algeria.

This integration will be achieved thanks to the investments to be carried out within the factory (sheet metal, stamping and painting) but also on the outside of the plant, notably through the establishment of a network of subcontracting strong local competition and expertise of Renault.

This process already starts with the Renault experts in local potential subcontractors will continue for several years.

The training is a key to success of this project will be conducted with the knowledge and technology of Renault.

Mixed teams Renault and SNVI FNI been working for several months to identify training programs and the use and development of such training center Tlelat / Oran will be dedicated to the automotive trades.

On the occasion of the signing, Jean-Christophe Kugler, Director of Operations of the Euromed Region Africa stated: "It is a pleasure and an honor to participate today the signing of the agreement to develop a automobile filiere Algerian. Renault is proud to be the first automaker to install industrially in Algeria, and thus contribute to the development of a national automotive industry "

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