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Subaru: a highly respected manufacturer by IIHS

Subaru Canada, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has recognized Subaru as the only automotive manufacturer to receive the TOP SAFETY PICK award for 2013 models each of her factories. Subaru has received this award for the fourth consecutive year. New in 2013, the Subaru Legacy and Outback models (built after August 2012) also harvest the TOP SAFETY PICK + mention.

To reward the 2013 models that provide superior protection in crashes, the IIHS has created the TOP SAFETY PICK mention + the + sign indicating Although rating on the protection of occupants obtained at least 4 out of 5 evaluations IIHS including the new crash test has little overlap and a minimum acceptable result at all tests. The IIHS introduced the test has little overlap collisions in 2012 to improve occupant protection in frontal crashes.

While most auto manufacturers design their vehicles to get a good performance in crash tests was moderate overlap IIHS and federal direct frontal collision tests, several were not concerned about the collisions low overlap account for nearly a quarter of all head-on collisions can be the cause of death or serious injury to the occupants of the front seats. This test simulates what happens when one of the front corners of the vehicle collides with another vehicle or object like a tree or an electric pole. The IIHS must unveil the names of other winners as it has carried out the testing of models. The results in the case of small SUVs are planned for the spring.

"At Subaru, the concern as to the safety debuted with the creation of each vehicle Subaru," stated Shiro Ohta, president and CEO of Subaru Canada, Inc. "We are very pleased that IIHS has recognized us again once as the only manufacturer to earn the TOP SAFETY PICKS 2013 for all models. "

TOP SAFETY PICK mention recognizes vehicles that, in IIHS testing, the better protect people in case of frontal impact, lateral and rear, and now rollover based on obtaining the rating 'good' in each category. The classification will IIHS Well, Acceptable, Marginal and Mediocre, 'good' being the highest rating tests of the Institute.

"For four consecutive years, Subaru is the only automaker that has deserved the distinction TOP SAFETY PICK from IIHS for each of the models it manufactures," stated Adrian Lund, the president of the Institute . "Subaru deserves praise for making the security its priority. "

About IIHS

To be eligible for a TOP SAFETY PICK distinction, the vehicle must have received a good assessment for occupant protection in collisions has moderate overlap, side, rollover and rear crashes, regardless of their assessment in the case of collision has little overlap. The classification will IIHS Well, Acceptable, Marginal a Mediocre depending on the performance.

The evaluations of the Institute as to the ability of resistance in a frontal collision are based on the results of tests of frontal collision moderate overlap at a speed of 64.3 km / h (40 m / h). The evaluations on the lateral impacts are based on performance in crash tests or rating of a vehicle is struck by a mass moving at 50 km / h (31 mi / h); mass represents the front of a pickup or SUV. Protection against rear collisions is measured using a two-step procedure.

The evaluation begins by measuring the geometry of the headrest, by determining the height and distance on a horizontal axis with respect to the back of the head of an average-size man. When testing robustness of roof, a metal plate is pushed against one side of the roof has a movement speed of 5 mm (0.2 in.) to the second. For a relatively good rating for the protection in rollover crashes, the roof must withstand a force equivalent to four times the weight of the vehicle before it crashed 12.7 cm (five inches). Is determined and called the report resistance / weight.

Source: Subaru Canada

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