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The IIHS considers all vehicles Subaru as 'Top Safety Pick'

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an organization that acts as a watchdog for consumers in independently assessing the effectiveness of occupant protection in motor vehicles, has announced that the full range of Subaru vehicles , namely the Legacy, Outback, Impreza, Forester and Tribeca in 2010, was rated "Top Safety Pick". Subaru is the only manufacturer commencing a laureate of the mention of the IIHS in all four categories of vehicles or she was registered.

There is a decline in the number of laureates IIHS in this recent round of tests, because for the first time, the award criteria also required a "good" rating in the roof strength test to measure protection for occupants in the event of a rollover. The entry "Best Security Choice" identifies vehicles having obtained a "good" rating tests of the Institute, and are most likely to protect the occupants in a frontal collision, side and rear, and now, if rollover. The vehicles premiums must also be equipping a electronic stability program, which, according to studies, greatly reduces the risk of impact.

"With the addition of this new test resistance of the roof, the results of our crash tests are henceforth Delegates from the four most common types of impacts," said IIHS president Adrian Lund. "Consumers can refer to this list to target vehicles best odds in matters of security."

On all models Subaru, the remarkable level of occupant protection is based on the monocoque chassis architecture enhances sophisticated bow-shaped, which diverted the occupant impact energy and disperse all around. This design lists a series of arcs around the passenger compartment and serves as protection in various types of impacts. Beams of protection in high resistance steel doors and foam energy absorption enhance the security in case of lateral impact.

Passive safety technologies come standard include the system's Advanced airbags (SRS) Front Subaru, the lateral airbags seat-mounted driver and front passenger, and side curtain airbags. In addition, some models equip themselves with a rollover sensor that can trigger the deployment of curtain airbags during an imminent rollover.

For more information about testing security IIHS and to see the results of the tests realized for the entire Subaru lineup, visit the website at IIHS. To learn more about Subaru and symmetrical AWD took constant, go to

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