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Minister Kent boasts new emission standards for cars

OTTAWA - On the eve of talks in Doha on Climate Change, which will be valid to Canadian policies renewed attention, Ottawa Tuesday unveiled new standards to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks.

The federal Minister of the Environment Peter Kent, indicates that mimics americaines of emission standards for models to be constructed between 2017 and 2025.

It the end of this period explained that the cars produce 50 percent less greenhouse gas emissions in 2008, and they only consume half the fuel. In fact, the vehicles built during this period must reduce their emissions of five per cent per year, each year, on average.

These reductions are expected to result, according to Mr. Kent, by savings of $ 900 per vehicle per year, compared with current levels of consumption.

Light trucks will not have to conform to these standards as quickly as cars, as manufacturers will need extra time to make sure they succeed in performing the work that their asking farmers and workers building that lead, Environment Canada noted in an explanatory document.

Unlike other ads recommendations that puts the industry against environmentalists, these new rules should not encounter much resistance. NDP feds critical measures, calling them "recovery" of the rules of the United States. However, manufacturers have welcomed the decision of Mr. Kent favorable manner, they are enchanted vision of North America as a single step and the announcement of clear measures for the next decade.

"It is good news that Canada continues to follow the example of the U.S. administration in ENERGY EFFICIENCY," stated PJ Partingdon, Policy Analyst on Climate Change Canada Pembina Institute. "It's good for motorists, they will save a lot of money on gasoline."

The announcement comes more than a year after the unveiling of American politics, and it is not a coincidence. Mr. Kent is in Doha this week to participate in the UN talks on climate change, and this kind of meeting is usually placed on the defensive.

"We wanted to make the announcement today [Tuesday] before Doha, because these measures are another example of the Canadian way of managing emissions, while going sector by sector," he stated.

The Harper government defends tooth and nail policy and he attacks the different approaches to control the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, the approach "sector by sector" of Canada raises the contempt not only among environmentalists, but also other countries.

Mr. Kent intends to defend the Canadian position in Doha, where he hopes to debunk the myths surrounding Canadian environmental performance. Now that the Kyoto Protocol draws to a close, the Doha talks aim to lay the foundations for a new binding international treaty to reduce emissions. Canada has already indicated that it would not engage in such an agreement.

By Heather Scoffield

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