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Quebec tackles gas emissions greenhouse

Of mid-January, automakers must comply to new standards for emissions of greenhouse gas emissions. These last are equivalent to those of California, regarded as being the most severe in America. Recall that a good fifteen American states have followed California's example in recent years.

Quebec's approach that will certainly not unanimously, may still be regarded as a big step in the right direction, which unfortunately should not be followed with the same enthusiasm by the other Canadian provinces, and even less by the Canadian government.

Beyond these good intentions, it will also see the integration of these new standards, lived in the everyday and above the interest that manufacturers will have to comply, even if they are not going do not like our neighbors to the south, fighting with energy any binding rule towards them.

But with a little goodwill on both sides, it would be possible to agree without too much harm to the economy. Simply bringing home cars replying to californiennens PZEV standards. And, do not forget currently the Japanese automaker Subaru sells in canada Legacy and Forester models of answering the California standards.

Here is an excerpt of the press release issued on this subject:  


Quebecois regulations on GHG emissions of light vehicles: Quebec put into effect the California standards

Montreal, December 29, 2009 -. Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Line Beauchamp, today announced the implementation, a mid-January, the Regulations on gas emissions greenhouse motor vehicles, including standards equivalent to those in force in California. The Quebec and becomes the first Canadian province to enforce the most severe standards in North America.

The gait of quebecois government is part of a primer in North America and in which fifteen States, including the majority of the states of North-East American neighbors Quebec, have not followed suit in California movement. The U.S. government has also announced its intention to adopt standards equivalent to those of California in 2012.

When publishing its draft regulation, the Government of Quebec had also emphasized the importance of entry into force has the concomitant standards of these avant-garde States. "We were committed to implement our settlement of the agency to protect the American environment has grant California the right to adopt and implement the gas emission standards in greenhouse go beyond federal requirements for motor vehicles. Now that's done, we move from now forward, "stated Minister Beauchamp.

In Quebec, in 2006, the transport sector produced the most GHG emissions, 40% of emission Quebeckers. About half of these broadcasts were produced by light duty vehicles. For the Minister Beauchamp, the objectives of the plan against climate change inevitably pass through actions supported in the road transport sector emission increase or constant manner. The implementation of the regulations is therefore an important step in the completion of the 2006-2012 Action Plan on Climate Change and is also decisive for achieving the objective of reducing emissions of GHG Quebec on the horizon 2020.

In addition to improve the efficiency energetics of motor vehicles, the Regulations will promote a more rational use of non-renewable petroleum resources and reduce the dependence of Quebec to the oil, and, to the benefit of consumers.

The Regulations will apply to park cars and light trucks model years 2010 2016 are sold, leased or switched in Quebec. Automakers must ensure, for each of these years models, the average GHG emissions of their fleet of vehicles does not exceed the established standards. "The standards will, in addition, the large-scale use of more efficient technologies in the transport sector, such as those of electric or hybrid vehicles," said the minister.


The Regulations can be consulted on the Ministry of Sustainable Development website, Environment and Parks.

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