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Canada wants to reduce emissions of heavy trucks

Ottawa will impose new rules for heavy trucks to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions for this category of vehicles _ and allow truckers save on fuel costs. These measures will be consistent with standards already in force in the United States.

The Ministry of the Environment said Monday that the new standards would be applied to new vehicles gradual way until 2018. But in the midst of environmentalists, the announcement was greeted with little enthusiasm.

"Thanks to the introduction of these new measures, the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions from heavy duty vehicles of model year 2018 will be reduced by up to 23 percent," stated through communicates Minister Peter Kent.

The new standards also will result in an improvement to Energy Efficiency, argued the ministry. "For example, the driver of a semi-trailer model year 2018 save up to $ 8,000 per year in fuel costs," said Minister Kent believes.

These new standards will result in a cumulative reduction of 19.1 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over the life span of models of vehicles coming out of the factory between 2014 and 2018, said the ministry.

The new rules aim big trucks, semi-trailers, garbage trucks and buses, and will be fully implemented for all new vehicles, which must meet the standard of 2018.

According to the ministry, the gains in fuel efficiency will enable truck drivers save up to $ 1200 per year for a 2018 model.

For vehicles such as buses, freight vehicles, the cement mixers or dump trucks, the savings would amount to an amount up to $ 1,000 annually.

The press release issued by the office of Environment Minister Peter Kent does not specify what the costs of these new rules will be for manufacturers.

On after an analyst in matters of climate policies, PJ Partington of the Pembina Institute, Monday's announcement demonstrates that Canada has some catching up to do compared to the United States, which has established such standards in August 2011 . And according to him, the most important problems should be in the crosshairs of the Harper government.

"The whole world expects Canada to attack quickly emissions of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the oil and gas sector. Without more muscled action to achieve our goal of 2020, Canada is heading straight towards another promise unfulfilled, "he has said.

The Campaign Coordinator Greenpeace Climate and Energy has, Keith Stewart, abounds in the same direction. "If the Harper government wants to be taken seriously on the issue of climate change, we must look at the fastest growing source of emission of greenhouse gas emissions: the oil sands," he has stated.

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