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Recall 60,000 Britax car seats for choking hazard

Britax Child Safety is recalling approximately 60,000 child car seats because it is possible for babies to bite the piece of harness and choke on it.

The recall involves models Boulevard 70-G3, Advocate 70-G3 and G3-70 Pavilion, which were sold in Canada and the United States.

The U.S. regulators have indicated that the cushioning pads of seats were made of a softer material that can be bitten and chewed by children.

Britax says in a letter to the government that the company has received three reports of children who are hard pieces and almost stifled with.

The seats were manufactured from June 11 to August 13.

Britax will send new bearings free to 3,000 people who have registered their seats. Other owners may call (888) 427-4829.

The seats can be used without pads until those replacement arrives.

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