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Peugeot 408 launched at Moscow Motor Show

The 2012 edition of the Moscow International Motor Show, full of the presence of more than 100 exhibitors will open its doors to the public from 31 August to 9 September, in the context of a Russian car running strong growth. Through 24 serial vehicles and concept cars, Peugeot presents the advantages of Moscow continued its offensive on the Russian market: inspiration, upmarket and with 408 national first, acceleration of its strategy of internationalization.

On a stand of 1600 m2, Peugeot presents the new Moscow 208, which will be launched on the Russian market in 2013. 208, whose commercial success was confirmed on his first European markets, concentrates the unique expertise of the brand in the category of small cars and embodies its breakthrough in terms of architecture, reduction and mass consumption, ergonomics and connectivity, the re-generation of Peugeot.

The 3008 HYbrid4 and 508 RXH show in Moscow, by the Advanced technological and environmental disasters of their drivetrain full diesel hybrid, the requirement of upmarket Peugeot.

With a combined output of 200 hp after the 2.0 HDi FAP engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor on the rear axle, the HYbrid4 models are able to combine a new driving pleasure thanks to their choice of four modes (automatic, "zero emission", sport, 4WD) and an exceptionally CONTROLLED consumption.

The Russian public will also stop in front of the new 508 and 4008, recently traded in Russia and very athletic admire the HX1 concept car that stands out for its unconventional aerodynamic and powertrain HYbrid4 INCORPORATING "plug-in" technology.

But the "star" of Peugeot at the Moscow International Motor Show is the new 408.

Launched in April Kaluga production (south of Moscow), 408 is the first Peugeot model ay be manufactured in full cycle.

The Peugeot 408 is located in the heart of the most important segment of the Russian car market - the C segment - who seduced a large part of an active middle class growth.

Combining expressive style, comfort, equipment of last generation, handling and safety of high-level, 408 embodies the modernity and efficiency of Peugeot in the provision of family sedans.

Length of 4.70 m - Record for this segment - width 1.81, wheelbase of 2.71 m: filling the high expectations of the clientele in this category flagship of Russian market, the 408 offers excellent habitability has all its occupants, while preserving a safe large capacity (526 l).

Vehicle new generation of international experience beneficiant Peugeot 408 is able to reconcile the best benefits of a modern car and adaptations to climate requirements and own use to Russia.

Among the specific adaptations made by the teams of Russia 408 project, we can cite:

· Enhanced suspensions and enhanced with engine undertray

· Battery and alternator has increased power

· Heated seats and a particularly efficient heating

· A tank of large capacity washer fluid

· A heated windscreen in its lower part with heated nozzles

· Ergonomic Interior concerning in particular the opening remote trunk and fuel door has

408 will be commercialized in Russia on September 1.

Full year (2013), Peugeot Russia's objective is to reach 10% of segment C three-box and included in the "top 5" of the category.

The 408 is the first strong illustration of the strategy of globalization Brand: adapted to local specificities marches growing it was started industrially and commercially first in China (2010), followed by Latin America (2011). It is also assembled and sold in Malaysia since June 2012.

Source: Peugeot

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