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General Motors of Canada is investing $ 850 million in research and development

General Motors of Canada reiterated its intention to invest heavily in research activities and development in Canada. Between 2009 and 2016, GM provides for investments totaling $ 850 million in research and development in Canada, the amounts that will be greatly beneficial long-term GM and the Canadian auto sector until 2016 and beyond. 

"GM has long been a national leader in matters of technology and innovation, and these additional investments will further strengthen our expertise in key strategic technologies, stated Kevin W. Williams, president and general manager of GM Canada. Since 2009, the employees of our Engineering Centre of Canada could deposit the patent of more than 100 inventions that enable us to offer better solutions to our clients, allowing the coup GM design, manufacture and sell best vehicles in the world. "

"General Motors of Canada has made great efforts since 2009, the year in which our government is committed to support its restructuring. We are pleased, in part thanks to this support, see that GM provides for significant investments in the automotive sector and manufacturing industry in Canada, stated the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. Such investments in research and development is an important advantage for Canada, promoting Canadian innovation and our ability to be competitive in the international market, and creating sustainable and well paying jobs. "

"The commitment, perseverance and expertise of our automakers have allowed companies like GM to ensure the survival of our auto industry - an industry which we are a proud partner because of the 485,000 jobs it provides has for Ontario families. The perpetual GM investment in research and development will undoubtedly create many sustainable jobs, "said Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario.

Since 2009, GM has increased its investment in research and development in Canada, including increased activities in Engineering Centre of Canada Oshawa, Ontario. GM is committed to further capitalize on Canadian expertise in the area of ​​strategic technologies by promoting research in the areas of lightweight materials, the mechatronics, software and communications. Such technologies are essential to the development of tomorrow's vehicles and the sustainability of the automotive industry in Canada.

GM has also strengthened its partnerships with suppliers in research and development to increase innovation thanks to the supply chain and to increase the research capacity and development of the automotive industry in Canada. For example, GM is associated with many suppliers to develop lightweight materials for the next generation of vehicles. These providers will then be able to leverage their global presence to use Canadian technology in their production activities throughout the world. 

Among the commitments of GM include:

invest in new avenues of research in matters of advanced technologies Engineering Centre of Canada in order to make Oshawa a center of choice in the design and research and development in the world;

strengthen partnerships with suppliers in the automotive sector to improve the ability of innovation and competitiveness of Canadian suppliers, including the implementation of new projects of cooperative development and promoting access to sums through GM joint ventures; and

continue to implement the associated technologies in universities, institutes, suppliers and factories in Canada concerted initiatives, initiatives that are in line with the priorities pursued by research groups and development and GM.

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