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GM and Maplesoft collaborate on technologies relating to electric vehicles

A new five-year partnership with a value of $ 10.5 million between General Motors of Canada, Maplesoft Inc. of Waterloo (Ontario) and a team of multidisciplinary research at the University of Waterloo tackles challenges of new generation of electric vehicles. Through the design modeling and prototype testing, the team will examine key technologies has a greater diffusion of electric vehicles.

"The electrification of vehicles is an important pillar of our strategy to diversify energy sources," said Kevin Williams, president and general director of GM of Canada. "Building on our commitments in matters of advanced research and development, this project puts us in a better position to exceed the expectations of our clientele with respect to performance, safety and the ecological sustainability of our technologies on vehicles electric. "

The research is supported by the Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) with the lead agency Research Council Natural Sciences and Engineering Canada (NSERC). The PAC contributes $ 3.6 million in addition to $ 2.5 million from the Fund for Research in Ontario.

"The Harper government's ongoing commitment to research and development in Canada provides long-term benefits to our automotive industry and helps us to remain at the cutting edge of innovation," said Peter Braid, Member of Parliament for the riding Kitchener-Waterloo, on behalf of the Honourable Minister of Industry Tony Clement. "This technology is an interesting example of any Canadian innovation resulting program Automotive Partnership Canada (APC). "

 "We are very excited about the project CAP" has added Dr. Tom Lee, vice president of Maplesoft technology applications. "This project will create a powerful new software that will accelerate the design and analysis of electric vehicles and tools. "

Development and validation of key technologies such as control systems for the stability of the vehicle, the systems of power management and control equipment and battery charging will be the main points of interest for the team of Research directed by Dr. Amir Khajepour the University of Waterloo.

Importantly, the technology developed in Waterloo will also be tested by teams in development of GM vehicles. The commitment of the research team in the development process of vehicles offer a unique opportunity to learn about marketing concepts and new technology will help to translate the research results into a truly integrated technology solution.

"The electrification of automotive systems presents complex challenges in regard to powertrain systems for control, control of the state of the batteries, thermal management and safety of the vehicle," says Dr. has Khajepour . "Thanks to CAP funding and support from General Motors, we intend to address these challenges in order to develop the new generation of technology-cles of electric vehicles. "

Maplesoft, a leader in development of simulation software and high performance physical modeling, incorporate innovative ideas of researchers in new design tools that GM staff may implement in its current technical work. Maplesoft is particularly interested in has put its expertise in modeling to help improve the batteries that power the electric vehicles.

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