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Toyota gets (temporarily?) Its position as world leader

After losing his title of largest manufacturer in the world last year at the hands of the American General Motors, everything seems to lead us to believe that the Japanese could regain its leadership position, if the present trend should be maintained until at the end of the year.

Indicative figures

Thus, during the first quarter of 2012, Toyota sold 2.49 million vehicles around the world, while General Motorcycles ANNOUNCED global sales of 2.28 million units.

For its part, Volkswagen passes from the 2nd to the 3rd place with 2.16 million vehicles sold.

For Toyota, it is established a new record for sales made in the first quarter, since we go back to the 2008 figures with accumulated total shipments of 2.41 million copies.

Toyota gets (temporarily?) Its position as world leader picture #1

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