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General Motors becomes world number one

At first, it was announced that Volkswagen had to be number one global manufacturer crown at its total sales in 2011.

Finally, it was found after revision numbers that is General Motors who returned to head, after being dethroned in 2008 facing Toyota. By itself, the Chevrolet division has elapsed 4.76 million vehicles around the world in 2011, slightly more than half of total sales of the American giant.

For its part, Volkswagen climbed the echelons much faster than expected, it still aims to become the number one worldwide by 2018. A title that could be appropriate here a couple of years if we reflects the increase in its recorded on the Chinese market sales.

For Toyota, the year 2011 is to forget quickly. Notwithstanding the many reminders that he had to make, it is the adverse consequences of the tsunami that hit Japan, which are the basis of its major setbacks, which greatly slowed its production vehicles.

In this chapter, we must also remember that most local brands, especially their main suppliers of parts, have all been affected by the deadly tsunami.

The Big Three automobile in 2011:

General Motors with 9.03 million units sold (+7.6%).

Volkswagen with 8.16 million units sold (+14.3%).

Toyota with 7.9 million units sold (-6%).

Thanks to the Chinese market

The numbers one and two of the automobile are General Motors and Volkswagen owe their success to the Chinese market where they saw their sales grow exponentially. 

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