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GM Appoints New Vice-President responsible for global quality

Terry Woychowski retires after 32 years at GM. Alicia Boler-Davis will lead to both Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

Alicia Boler-Davis will take the post of Vice-president of the World Quality and Customer Satisfaction American as of 1 June It will resume the responsibility of the activities of global quality at GM occupied Terry Woychowski, who chose to retire after a career of 32 years at GM.

Alicia Boler-Davis will be placed under the authority of Mary Barra, Senior Vice-president of International Development for product quality part and that of Mark Reuss, President of GM North America Customer Satisfaction for the party.

"The quality of the vehicles is the cornerstone of the global clientele satisfaction," said Mary Barra. "The various experiences Alicia allowed him to forge a remarkable knowledge of the way in which customers understand how valuable, what it means to them and the way to improve the quality of our cars and SUV any Throughout the development process of the vehicle. "

Before being appointed Vice President of U.S. Customer Satisfaction in February, Alicia Boler-Davis had been director of the Orion unit assembly and stamping unit in Pontiac Michigan. Alicia Boler-Davis began his career at GM in 1994 where she held various positions of responsibility in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, as chief engineer of the range of small cars, Director of Activities Consolidated Lansing and unity mounting Arlington. She holds a degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern University and a master's degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Terry Woychowski was Vice-president of global quality and Launch vehicles since 2011, after having been Vice-president of global program management vehicles since 2009 and chief engineer of the range success of SUV and pick-up large GM formats 1997 2009.

"Terry has been instrumental in promoting a culture of quality within GM," said Mary Barra. "Under his leadership, the company has launched a range of very vehicles pass, as the Chevrolet Cruze and Sonic and Buick Verano, recalls Mary Barra. "His passion for excellence has helped us focus on the things that matter most to our clients. "

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