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24 Hours of Le Mans: The point was halfway

The most famous endurance race in the world, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is in action at this time. After the beginning of a race more spectacular than expected, the Audi domination being thwarted by the velocity of Toyota prototypes, the face of the ordeal has completely changed shortly before the close of the day when the British driver Anthony Davidson, the controls of the Toyota TS030 Hybrid No.8 was hampered by an amateur driver on his Ferrari 458 Italia. In one of the fastest circuit of 13.6 km zones, Davidson was encountered on the rear side. Imbalance, the Toyota prototype flew, made a full roll before going to crush against rails security. Fortunately, new Last Received suggest that the driver has not been hurt.

After a long neutralization to challenge state circuit, Kazuki Nakajima, the second placed Toyota, Nissan struck the DeltaWing, causing heavy damage on both cars and signifying the end of any hope of a podium for Toyota.

The two Audi R18 e-tron quattro hybrid therefore lead the way as we approach the halfway point. In the cool of the night, it is a safe bet that hybrid Audi will further increase their lead and move towards a success all the same strong merit, their drivers have so far avoided any errors.

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