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Toyota dream always produce its Prius in America

It is not new that the Japanese automaker is considering to produce the next frame of its Prius in North America.

Thus, the Toyota Prius, so-called fourth generation could possibly be produced in the United States, from 2015.

Had it not been successive waves of recalls that Toyota has known in 2010, which were followed by a large tsunami that struck Japan, there is a good chance that the decision had been taken since then.

Although it is still not taken, it appears we approach more and more the opportunity to see the Toyota Prius assemblies in America. Especially since the plant Toyota City or are currently montees the Prius, not enough on request.

It also would be a business decision by Toyota that its production costs would be reduced significantly, thanks to the American dollar Japanese yen has a face extremely high.

Should this be the case, it would be very surprising to see the Prius IV ratings Camry Hybrid has the Georgetown plant.

It would be equally irresponsible a plant that requires huge investments, produce only one model. We should therefore expect to see more hybrid vehicles, to be assembled in the new plant.

For a manufacturer who intends to offer over the next year at least a hybrid engine version in each of its product lines, such a decision would none.

Unless ...

Toyota has sold his CALLED Nummi plant that served, among others, to produce Toyota Corolla ratings Pontiac Vibe, the small electric car manufacturer Tesla.

It may be there's a possibility for Toyota to use again this plant, except that it is a Fremont, California. A factory situated very far from the main centers of production vehicles in the United States.

Ideally, it should come as Toyota Prius produce its future in the vicinity of the Georgetown plant in Kentucky.

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