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Toyota Prius III: Assembly in Thailand?

The Gateway Toyota plant in Thailand already produced models of Yaris, Corolla, Camry and Camry Hybrid reserved to Asian markets.

For its part, the Camry Hybrid sedan is also assembled in Australia and our neighbors to the south.

Prius "Made in Thailand"

The latest news, it seems that the iconic Toyota Prius would join the Yaris, Corolla and Camry has produced the Gateway plant in Thailand. The assembly could begin by the end of this year. Like the other models produced in this factory, Thai Prius would also be reserved for Asian markets.

Currently, the Toyota Prius is assembled Toyota City in Japan. But since the release of the 3rd generation of this legendary car, there is a surge in sales has great speed "V" in some markets, notably Japan and other emerging countries.

So in order to relieve the assembly lines of the Japanese plant is contemplated very seriously produce the Prius for the first time outside its country of origin.

The Thai division of a global issue would be responsible for the local production of the car while everything related hybrid technology comes from Japan.

Prius "Made in USA"

Toyota has decided to develop nothing less than a family of new models claws name "Prius", it may be that the manufacturer is obliged to produce a new future Prius models outside Japan.

In addition, the partnership with Tesla Motors in the development of new electric vehicles, including an all electric RAV4 model, delighted the hopes of joining his Toyota Prius in America.

Added to this is the recent purchase all Tesla Motors the NUMMI plant in Fremont, California. Remember that this plant that view in 1984 was joint property between Toyota and GM manufacturers. The last car produced out there was a Toyota Corolla S red.

It is still far from being acquired to see the day will be assembled the first Toyota Prius "Made in USA", but the more time passes, we see the different clues converge toward this possibility ...

But the fundamental reason that would compel Toyota duty assemble his model Prius in the United States is the strength of the Japanese yen, which has slow exports of vehicles products out there and especially the profit margins of manufacturers. Toyota Corolla and Yaris produced in Japan are good examples.

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