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2010 Toyota Prius, action reaction

Since a few days, unofficial pictures of future Toyota Prius circulating on the net. For some, it would be pictures representing indeed the 3rd generation Prius to be unveiled its world premiere next January, as part of the International Auto Show in Detroit, and ca is confirmed by Toyota executives.

A reaction tit for tat

Regardless of whether the images represent the true or false Prius, it would be logical to think that even some people close to the manufacturer to see a very good eye dissemination of this news through the planet, in order to counterbalance the future Honda Insight Hybrid that for a little over a month made headlines all possible media platforms around the world.

Especially since the latter goes directly to the Toyota Prius, becoming also a hatchback sedan, borrowing its lines and functionalities. However, the Honda Insight Hybrid will be less generous dimensions and therefore less powerful, slightly more economic and is expected to be offered at a price more competitive. It should make its appearance in North American soil next spring.

We will have to wait a little longer, before knowing the true Toyota Prius 2010 unless it is her. For details, we will be unveiled in January, unless Toyota takes the decision to give us information to the teaspoon by the NAIAS.

A confirmed information, this time

It's official, the next Toyota Prius will be assembled in American soil. Of a strong demand for the latter in North America, the Blue Springs plant in Mississippi, currently under construction and should be used to produce the Toyota Highlander, will instead become the factory of production of the Toyota Prius, for the North American market was from 2010.

 It also speaks of the manufacture of a range of products claws Prius. According to reports, a family, a sport coupe and a compact crossover vehicle could be assembled in this plant, the signature product of Toyota Prius.

This ultra modern factory has a capacity of producing initial 150,000 units annually. It will need investment of about $ 1.3 million (U.S.). Given the strength of the yen, it would have cost much more to Toyota to build a second plant in Japanese soil in order to answer the global demand for its iconic Toyota Prius.

2010 Toyota Prius, action reaction picture #1

2010 Toyota Prius, action reaction picture #2

2010 Toyota Prius, action reaction picture #3

2010 Toyota Prius, action reaction picture #4

2010 Toyota Prius, action reaction picture #5

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