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The EyeSight Subaru, another pair of eyes

This year, the Auto Show in New York, the Japanese automaker Subaru will unveil its EyeSight system that will be available on the Legacy and Outback models in 2013 and is already available on the Legacy model sold in Japan since 2008.

Essentially, the system EyeSight uses two stereoscopic cameras mounted on either side of the central mirror to constantly measure the distance that separates the drive from the vehicle that preceded or a pedestrian or obstacle. Similar to the Volvo City Safety system and Distronic Plus Mercedes-Benz, the Subaru EyeSight can detect the presence of an obstacle, and if the driver does not react quickly, the system then automatically control emergency braking and even the complete stop the vehicle when the approach speed is less than 30 km / hour. If the approach speed is superior to 30 km / hour, the system will apply the emergency brake but however will perhaps not be able to completely stop the vehicle, which allows anyway to reduce injuries or damage the vehicle.

Other functionalities of the system EyeSight are intelligent cruise speed, which adapts the cruising speed of the vehicle based on the traffic flow and which warns the driver that he is leaving his way inadvertently . May still, this is not new since many manufacturers already offer this kind of system, but it should clarify that these are often of luxury brands and the fact that Subaru is now able to provide means be that these active safety equipment are being more widely know.

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