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Kia wins two red dot design awards

Rio and Kia Picanto the spot of the prestigious European design competition

These new exploits are the account has six red dot award for Kia since 2009

The numerous accolades prove acceptance of the Kia design strategy

Kia has clinched the honors in the red dot design competition in 2012 for its Picanto and Rio.

The 5-door Picanto amazing sector A and sector B Rio Kia have both clinched top honors in the category "Product Design" contest red dot international renown. The competition included more than 4,500 products presented by some 1,800 manufacturers from 58 countries, covering a variety of sectors.

The assessments were made by an international jury composed of renowned experts in design. Students and testing products in their smallest details, the judges selected the winners based on the level of innovation, functionality, the ergononomie, the ecological compatibility and intuitive handling. Only products with the highest high standards of design are eligible for a red dot so covets.

These two new awards are total of six red dots Kia, the crossover Soul winning in 2009, Venga compact CUV in 2012 and Sportage compact SUV and Optima sedan in 2011. Additionally, the Optima took down the largest red dot honor in 2011 by being named "best of the best" for outstanding design. Only the best products in each category are eligible for this particular contest.

"We are very proud of the red dot award for the Picanto and Rio," said Peter Schreyer, chief designer at Kia.

"This is a wonderful tribute to our entire global design team, because all three Kia design centers were involved in the development of these two vehicles. This contribution resulted in the models could not be more harmonious with a strong presence. I am particularly excited about this collaboration really creative and more reussies ENTERED our teams of Korea, Europe and America. "

Thomas Oh, senior vice president and director of operations at Kia, added: "While global buyers spend more vehicles has smaller size, design becomes a more important factor especially in areas A and B. Rio and Picanto models are key for us and they are already in high demand around the world.

"These coveted red dot award as represent further evidence of Kia's commitment to high quality and has a marking schemes has minimal impact on the environment and excellent value for money design. Our impressive buildup in sales around the globe while the automotive industry is experiencing a decline at this level proves the value of this strategy and the success of its implementation. "

These awards follow near other accolades received by the Rio and Picanto while Rio was named the best in the "Outdoor" Automotive Brand Contest 2011 class, and the three-door Picanto has received the iF design award 2012 - the fourth model Kia unhook this price.

One of the biggest competitions in the field in the world, the red dot design award is granted by the Design Centre of North Rhine-Westphalia since 1955. In 2012, the awards were presented on July 2 as part of a gala held at the opera house in Essen, Germany, designed by Alvar Aalto.

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