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Kia clinched four design awards in the context of a new competition for automotive brands

-    "The best of the best" in the category of general design

-    Three Kia models prevail in the design category from outside

-    New contest promoted by the Design Council of Germany

Kia Motors is one of the winners of the first contest between car brands. This new international competition at the brand level and design was organized by the Rat as Formgebung (Design Council of Germany), also responsible Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Price German design).

The jury of this first competition for automotive brands Kia Motors declared winner in two categories. In terms of design or brand strategy and the general focus of the brand is evaluated, Kia was named "The best of the best."

In exterior design or the same design of the vehicle is considered, three Kia models wins the prize: the Sportage SUV, the new B-segment Rio (on sale in autumn 2011 in most international markets), and the new and athletic sedan Optima D-segment Optima and Kia Sportage have already won prestigious awards such as the red dot award ("Best of the Best" - Optima) and the design award iF product.

"We are exceptionally proud that Kia Motors is in so well in this new tiree very important competition in the automotive industry," said the head of design at Kia, Peter Schreyer. "By changing our focus on the basic design, we give our brand a face, a distinctive identity. "

"The title of" The best of the best "gives a new identity of Kia in the design category brand represents a great endorsement of the creative and professional work of our international team of design. These new conferred price Sportage and Optima and the first grants to our newest model, the Rio, reflect the efforts that we have been at our own high standards in design. The four awards represent a wonderful recognition of our strategy to position design in the heart of the Kia brand promise, "adds Schreyer.

Three Kia models laureates: a design that points to the future

The fourth generation Rio which had its world premiere at the International Motor Show Geneva 2011, does not represent an evolution of its predecessor, but rather a powerful new personality of its own. Away much of its past, the new B-segment model well summarizes the transformation of Kia to one led by the design and quality brand. The ANGLED profile and lateral lines confer windows has this newcomer dynamic flair, while the balance between the line of windows, the wheelbase and the general proportions of the vehicle give it a look "upscale" rarely seen in this segment. Developed according to the overall work, the Rio will be available in three versions and five-door versions in Europe and has four doors and five on most other markets.

The all-new Kia Optima is a model that looks nothing like the precedents vehicles of the brand in the segment D. Peter Schreyer is the head of design of the athletic sedan with design centers in Frankfurt, Germany and Irvine States States. Of its launch in the Korean market in mid-2010, the Kia Optima al went head sales in the D segment of this country - the first Kia model to do so.

With the third generation Sportage, Kia has given to this VUSpopulaire a full metamorphosis. The Sportage combines all the key functions of an all-terrain - ground clearance, high seating position and a sense of security pupil - with a friendly race and urban design.

Prizes will be awarded to car show IAA in Frankfurt

As the Rat Formgebung (Design Council of Germany), organizer of this new competition for automotive brands, was established in 1953 as the federal parliament of Germany project. Today, the Council is among the largest centers of excellence for communication and knowledge transfer in the design world.

Among the patrons of this independent institution are 170 companies both in Germany as abroad. Through its competition as Designpreis Deutschland (the largest official design award in Germany), its exhibitions and its conferences, seminars and workshops, the Design Council of Germany's goal is to inform the general public industrial design quality. The competition for automotive brands is open to all car manufacturers and their partners in the areas of procurement, design and brand communications.

The first winners of the new competition will receive their prizes to the IAA in Frankfurt under the Soiree auto designers, September 13, 2011 (first day of release).

Kia clinched four design awards in the context of a new competition for automotive brands picture #1

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