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The 4MATIC system Mercedes-Benz celebrates its 25th anniversary

The 4MATIC system premium Mercedes-Benz is a lightweight device integral traction permanent at the cutting edge of technology that provides whatever the road conditions in order to offer the driver a maximum of trust, security and optimal adherence Control.

Celebrant now its 25th anniversary, the device 4MATICMCest the AWD system the lightest of its kind. Still active, the system continuously distributes torque between the front and rear to ensure a uniform and predictable holding road in all conditions. High adhesion, excellent directional stability, peerless safety and exceptional comfort are among the considerable advantages of this concept of integral traction.

The 4MATIC system, simple design but the ultra-sophisticated operation is extremely lightweight. In fact, it only adds 50 to 70 kg GVW depending on the model in question, because it does not use a differential of a heavy or complex blocking. This reduces the number of mechanical components required and the cost of maintenance and wear expensive internal parts. A vehicle acquires the 4MATIC ™ provides enhanced ride comfort compared to the same vehicle that is not equipped, and fuel consumption is only marginally superior.

An important distinguishing feature of the system 4MATIC Mercedes-Benz is that it allows clients to benefit from their exceptional control confers the integral traction without sacrificing the pure pleasure of driving a sports sedan. Indeed, as 60% of torque to the rear wheels is forwards, the precision of the direction and feel balanced own a vehicle has propulsion are preserved, which makes any model Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC a real pleasure to drive in any season , whatever Driving or climatic conditions.

The basic configuration of the system allows high adhesion for the dynamic displacement of the load to the rear axle that occurs in the acceleration is operated to send more torque to the rear wheels. However, blocking differential array is also able to vary the distribution of the engine between the front and rear torque in proportions ranging from 30/70% to 70/30% depending on the road conditions. Therefore, the intervention of electronic control systems ESP ®, ASR and 4-ETS can be delayed as long as possible, and most of the torque is converted to motive power, even on slippery pavement. All interventions are almost imperceptible system, but the driver will nevertheless immediately when the vehicle approaches the limits of adhesion to the extent that a yellow warning symbol will flash in the instrument cluster. This LED clearly warn that it must adapt his driving style to road conditions.

4MATIC device incorporates the System 4-wheel electronic traction (4-ETS), which monitors each wheel to detect the slightest slip and applies the brakes to individual wheels to maintain a balanced distribution of power. By continuously ensuring that the power is sent to the wheels with the best traction, 4MATIC ™ allows the vehicle to continue to run even if only one wheel has traction.

A total of four vehicles Mercedes-Benz sold in Canada are five teams in the 4MATIC ™ tip. This extremely important market penetration contributes to the peace of mind of Canadians who own a Mercedes-Benz from coast to another, regardless of the climate region where they reside. Moreover, the recent launch of the 4MATIC versions Cup Class C and Class E Cup helped broaden the already wide range of vehicles 4MATICMCen adding two new models especially sports. In Canada, the range of models Mercedes-Benz AWD now includes a total of 24 passenger cars and luxury light trucks - a selection of unprecedented high performance whatever the road conditions or the requirements of transport vehicles.

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