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Michelin Energy EV: increase the autonomy of electric vehicles

From a program of research and innovation in four years, leads jointly by Renault and Michelin, the new tire has high efficiency energetics involved in increasing the general autonomy of the vehicle.

The challenge faced by Michelin is to design tires that help to reduce the energy consumption while ensuring the best performance security (including wet grip) and longevity. It is still for Michelin to advance all distinct characteristics. This balance of performance has also led Renault forge this partnership development with Michelin.

MICHELIN ENERGY ™ EV tire, the result of over twenty years of research for energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions, represents today the best Michelin technology available to serve a more electric mobility clean and safer. In exact agreement with that proposed Renault ZOE.

100% Renault ZOE pavement wheels 15 and 16 inches, will be equipped with new MICHELIN ENERGY ™ EV tires. This innovative equipment is part of the overall logic of the manufacturer, the "Range Optimizer" Renault ZOE, which brings together several innovations aimed at improving the real autonomy of the vehicle, whatever the driving conditions. For example, in the periurban course, ZOE earns up to 6% of battery life (depending on use) thanks to MICHELIN ENERGY ™ EV.

What role does the tire in optimizing the autonomy of an electric vehicle?

The tire plays a crucial role in the energy consumption of a vehicle. For an electric motor, the energy consumption due to the tires can go up to 30%.

At each turn of the wheel, the tire deforms to marry the road. During this deformation, the constituent materials of the tire to heat up and dissipate energy. By reducing the warm-up as it reduces the energy consumption.

The technologies developed by Michelin go much further. The MICHELIN ENERGY ™ EV heats up slightly when moving, thus reducing the energy consumption. It is nevertheless able to heat quickly and punctually at the rubber in contact with the road when braking, thus achieving shorter braking distances.

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