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Soon on three screens in your car ...

Over the years, the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas has established itself as THE showcase for excellence for all involved directly or indirectly in new technologies and businesses, from last year, several automakers have chosen to give much importance to this great event technology than traditional Auto Shows. This year at CES, the German automaker Audi has unveiled a new concept of telematics system with not one, but three screens integrated in the dashboard project graphical information in reflection in the base of the windshield.

The concept is innovative insofar as the projection surface is greatly enlarged compared to other vision systems "head high" that we see at this time on some luxury cars. With this concept has three screens put forward by Audi, the driver can see directly in front of the information relating to the vehicle speed, the indications of the navigation system assisted by satellite as well as indications of intelligent cruise speed with radar integrated. The center screen displays information that can be accessed by both the driver and passenger, such as the system of heating / cooling and audio channel, while the screen locates the front passenger can be seen that by the latter which allows you to view all available content, including video of the same programming as movies or television or even browsing the web.

Currently, the project is still at the concept stage and several obstacles must be overcome before this technology can offer customers the brand with the four rings. These barriers include the higher cost of a system also advance technically same as the integration of the dashboard has all the necessary elements to its operation which poses new challenges for designers loads the design of the interior. Audi currently evaluating the reaction of the Customer to an eventual commercialization of its new system display "head high" three screens.

Source: Audi

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