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Ferrari recorded a record year in 2011

Executive Ferrari is very proud to announce that the famous Italian brand had a record year in 2011 with global sales reach 7,195 units, against the 6,573 units sold the previous year.

A record high for the Italian firm which called series cars are selling from $ 250,000 Canadian.

Increases sales roughly around

Ferrari sales in 2011 grew by 9.5%. Has increased to roughly all markets sales, including the following examples:

North America: 1,958 units (+8.0%)

China: 777 units (62.6%)

Germany: 705 sales (+14.6%)

England 574 controls (23%)

Middle East: 450 vehicles (22%)

The new Ferrari FF, the first car series has integral traction of the Italian brand, knows a lot of success in sales, and this almost everywhere across the planet.

Revenue increases

Normally, but not necessarily that says increases sales said increases profits and Ferrari big winner this year for the fiscal year 2011, which translates as follows:

record revenues: EUR 2.251 billion (+17.3%)

net income: EUR 312.4 million (3.2%)

industrial capital: EUR 707.5 million

investments in research and development: 279 million euros

For its part, the industry group that includes the Chrysler Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and Lancia brands announced a net profit of € 1.7 billion for its fiscal year 2011.

Once again, we see that economic crisis or not, inaccessible cars for very large majority of us are still an object of great desire.

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