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Porsche Canada Establishes a new sales record in May

Porsche Canada Establishes a new sales record in May picture #1

Porsche Canada Announced icts sales for July

Porsche Cars Canada (PCL), import and distributor of Porsche vehicles in Canada, today Announced sales of 401 units in May 2013, an Increase of 28.9% over the previous May record of 311, Establishes in 2012. Suite last month, this Represents only That the second time monthly sales-have exceeded 400 units in the history of the brand in Canada. Sales of new vehicles Porsche are up to 25% for the year.

The new Cayman in 2014 Took up the launch in April, sales of 37 units in May with, a 28.9% increase Compared to the same period last year. Sales of Boxster models-have also Demonstrated the strength of 49 units Compared to May 6, dirty Reached 204 units Cayenne surpassing the previous year and 131 Representing year Increase of 55.7% in 2012. Additionally.

As for the Porsche Approved Certified Used vehicles, sales of 107 units Were Recorded, an Increase of 35.4% Compared to the same period last year, reaching a record figure.

Sales for the month of May 2013

68.911 units (112 in May 2012)

Boxster 49 units (6 May 2012)

Cayman 37 units (16 May 2012)

Cayenne 204 units (131 in May 2012)

Panamera 43 units (46 May 2012)

TOTAL: 401 units (311 in May 2012)

Used vehicles 107 (79 May 2012)

Since the Beginning of the year, Porsche sold 1,479 vehicles Canada, against 1,179 units in 2012.

Porsche Canada Establishes a new sales record in May picture #2

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