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Citroen and Art in 2012 Retromobile

On the occasion of 2012 Retromobile lounge, Citroen has presented a dedicated inedite exhibition Art.

By staging exceptional works, Brand recalls and, throughout its history, Citroen was inspiring source of creation, source of passion for generations of artists. This is the entity CITROEN HERITAGE - in charge of the management of the historic heritage of the brand - which organized the exhibition to discover or rediscover the works, often overlooked, creators of that brand the French and international art stage.

If some of them have worked for Citroen - Flaminio Bertoni as Pierre Louys - others uses models of the brand as artistic media - Victor Vasarely, Jean-Pierre Lihou, Francoise Nielly ... - some even the misappropriated to design new creations - Bernard Rancillac, Cesar, Ora-ito. This exhibition demonstrates once more the common values ​​of boldness, creativity or innovation that Citroen shares with the world of art.

A world that continues to support over 90 years. Retromobile is also an opportunity for the brand celebrate anniversaries: the 30th anniversary of the Citroen BX and 80 Citroen Rosalie.

Artists in Citroen

If Citroen occupies a place apart in the automobile creation, it may be because since its debut in 1919, the brand has with the arts or a very strong symbiotic relationship. Indeed, in 1923, Pierre Louys, poster talent and salaried Brand, already conceives of advertisements Citroen. A little later, in 1932, is a sculptor and not a manufacturer, Flaminio Bertoni, Brand says that the creation of its new models.

Of models that become legendary as the Citroen Traction Avant or the Citroen DS which receives, from its beginnings, the Honor Award at the Milan Triennale. Later, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first concessions Citroen is that the painter Bernard Buffet Brand demand the realization of a numbered lithographs of his watercolors.

Citroen and Art in 2012 Retromobile picture #1

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