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Renault sold 2,722,062 vehicles in 2011, a record

The Renault group sold 2,722,062 vehicles worldwide: + 94,697 (+3.6%). Sales outside Europe have increased by 19.2% and now represent 43% of the total.

Highlights of 2011:

The strong growth was driven by sales outside Europe, and the Renault brand rose by 6.8%.

In Europe, Renault remains the second brand LCV with 8.6% of the market. The Renault Group is the leader of the VU for the 14th consecutive year, with 15.6% of market share.

Renault built the future with the launch in late 2011 of a range of vehicles Zero Emission: Fluence ZE and Kangoo Z.E. The electric van has just been voted "International Van of the Year 2012" and was chosen by 19 major French companies (tender wins 15,600 vehicles).

"The Renault group beat its record sales of 2.7 million vehicles and strengthens its internationalization with 43% of sales outside Europe. Despite contrasts the results in Europe, Renault remains the second leading brand of walking and VU for the fourteenth consecutive year. 2011 also marks the arrival of electric vehicles affordable to all with the launch of Renault and Renault FluenceZ.E KangooZ.E "stated Jerome Stoll, Group Sales Director and Vehicles Utilities -. Operations Director Europe Region.

2011 saw an increase in world markets by 5.3%. The growth was driven by the international including: Russia (+40%), Turkey (+13%), Latin America (+10%). In Europe, the market is stable (- 0.5%) and covers contrasting realities:

Up: the Netherlands (16%), Germany (9%), Austria (9%), Belgium / Luxembourg (5%)

Down: Portugal (- 30%), Spain (- 17%), Italy (- 10%), UK (- 2%), France (- 1.3%)

In this context, the Group beat its record sales in 2010, with 2,722,062 units sold (up 3.6%, or 94,697 vehicles), despite the strong supply constraints and disruptions related to the Japanese tsunami that penalizes the commercial activity until the end of August. It thus establishes a global market share of 3.6%.

In Europe, the Group establishes a market share 10.1% and sales volume of 1,549,376 units, a decrease of - 5.7%.

Outside Europe, in dynamic markets (+6.2%), the Group successfully continued its internationalization. Group sales increased by 19.2% or 1,172,686 units sold, which now represents a volume of sales outside Europe by 43% (vs. 37% in 2010).

Sales by brand: Renault brand driving growth in the Group

Sales of the Renault brand grew 6.8% over 2010. With 2,260,694 units sold, the brand represents 83% of Group sales.

Sales of Dacia are slight decrease - 1.8% mainly due to supply constraints that relate to the tsunami. Indeed, the production capacities exploited maximum from September could not offset declining production in the first half.

Sales of the Renault Samsung Motors brand were down - 27% 118,135 units.

Region Europe (including France): preserve the Group's market shares over 10%

The Renault brand occupies the 2nd place walking LCV (8.6%)

The Renault confirms its leadership in VU since 1998, with a market share of 15.6%.

The Group increased in 16 countries in North and Central Europe in market share, including:

Netherlands (+0.7 pt) or Renault clinched 3rd place in VP

Belgium / Luxembourg (+0.5 pt) with a record of more than 92 000 sales volume and a 2nd place on channel sales to individuals in Belgium

Poland (+1 pt)

Hungary (+1.5 pt)

Germany: sales up 5.7% to 181,176 units in a carrier on (+ 9.4%). The market share was 5.3% (- 0.2 pt).

In a macro-economic and financial difficulties in the second half context, the Group has chosen to divest less profitable channels. On the most heavily bearish markets, so he knows a decrease of market share especially in the following countries:

Spain (- 0.5 pt). Renault remains the leader with 10.9% of market share.

United Kingdom (- 1 pt). Penalized by a negative effect parity with the pound sterling, the market share of Renault was 4%.

France: The Group recorded a sales volume of 689,022 units, a decrease of - 7.5% and shows a market share of 26.1% of the year. After a first half net decline following the very capability of supply constraints on engines and those generated by the Japanese tsunami, the second part of the year was in line with expectations, with a record last semester has 28% share of walk (best semester since 2004).

The Renault brand, with 594,655 sales is leading marches and LCV.

1 of 4 vehicle sold to individuals is a vehicle of the Group.

1 Utility Vehicle 3 is brand Renault.

Twingo, Clio and Megane are leaders in their segments.

Dacia is the fifth brand specific sales (94,367 units LCV). Its decline - 0.5 point market share is mainly due to the end of government subsidies to the engine and LPG engine supply constraints that relate to the Japanese tsunami. Dacia Duster confirms its commercial success with an increase of 170% in LCV vs 2010. This is the 6th best-selling model to individual customers.

Outside Europe: a dramatic increase confirms the Group's internationalization

Sales outside Europe rose 19.2% and now represent 43% of Group sales - against 37% in 2010.

Highlights in the top 10 markets of the Group:

Brazil becomes the second running of the Group (+ 1 place)

Russia climbed to 4th place (+5)

riding Turkey 5th place (+2)

Argentina passes the 8th (+3)

Iran is the 10th running of the Group (3 +)

Eurasia Region: sales up + 60.1% market share was 5.6% (+0.8 pt)

In Russia with 154,734 vehicles sold, the Renault brand establishes a record sales (+60%) and market share was 5.8% (+0.7 pt). The Renault brand is positioned in the first 5 brands on the market thanks to the success of Renault Logan, Sandero and Fluence. Its sales network continues its deployment, with 142 points of sale in late 2011.

Region Americas: sales up 25.2% market share to 6.1% (+0.8 pt)

The Group realized a record sales and market share (6.1%) with nearly 400,000 vehicles sold.

Brazil becomes the second step of the Renault group thanks to an increase in sales of 21% in a market up 3%.

The Renault brand it establishes a new record sales and market share. With 194,300 units sold, it displays a market share of 5.7%.

In Argentina, in a dynamic walking, Group sales EXCEED for the first time the 106,000 units and rose by 29%. The market share is 13%.

The success of the brand in Brazil and Argentina is drawn in particular Renault Sandero Phase 2 launched in spring 2011 and developed exclusively for these markets. Renault Duster, launched in October, receive a very good reception.

Mexico, with volumes up 28%, the Renault brand realizes its best performance in terms of market share since 2001 (2.6%) with 23,132 units.

In Colombia, Renault realized record sales with 46,820 units, up 23% vs. 2010 and retains its second place in the market with 15.6% of market share.

Euromed Region: sales up 13.2% market share of 21.3% (+0.1 pt)

The Group is a leader in major markets in the region.

Turkey: with both Renault and Dacia brands, the Group increased its sales volume by 23% to 140,827 units. Its market share stood at 16.3% (+1.3 pt). This work confirms its 5th Group thanks in part to the success of Renault Fluence and Symbol. Turkey is the second step of the Renault brand in VU.

Romania: a walk down, the Group maintained its leadership to show a market share of 37.3% (39,592 units sold). Dacia remains No. 1 in the market with Logan, Sandero and Duster.

The poster Algeria record sales (75,042 units) increased by 18%. In a market up sharply, the Renault Group holds 25.3% of market share. Renault is No. 1 thanks to Symbol, the best-selling model in the country.

In Morocco, the Group achieved a market share of 37% historical (41,501 units sold) increased + 3.2 points and once again places its brands Dacia and Renault the first two places.

Asia-Africa Region: sales up 3.2%, 0.9% market share

In Iran, the volumes of the Renault brand (93,578 units) double. The market share increased by 2.8 pts scope performance Megane 2 and Logan.

China, with 80 points of sale, Renault sales rose by 65% ​​to 24,275 units thanks to the success of Koleos.

In India, the year 2011 was marked by the launch of Fluence elue "Sedan of the Year 'by the Top Gear and Koleos. In 2012, the range will be supplemented by three new vehicles including Pulse and Duster. These launches illustrate the willingness of the brand to become a major player in this market, which is the third pillar of its international strategy with Russia and Brazil.

In Korea, sales were down - 30%. Renault Samsung Motors is implementing an action plan to evolve the brand and strengthen its competitiveness.

Major launches in 2011:

Energy dCi 130 engine (115 g CO2/km) on Scenic and Grand Scenic in Europe

Renault Sandero Phase 2 in South America

Renault Fluence in Brazil, Colombia, India and China

Renault Latitude in Europe, Turkey, the Americas and China

Renault Duster in Brazil and Argentina

Renault Fluence and Kangoo Z.E Z.E in Europe

Renault Samsung Motors SM7 and New QM5 in Korea

2012 Business Outlook for the Renault group

The 2012 world market should experience a growth of 4% vs 2011. The Group will continue its expansion in the growing markets outside Europe. In a European market expected a decrease of - 3% (- 7% in France), the Group consolidated its position in respect of the financial objectives of Renault Drive the Change.

"In an economic and financial environment is uncertain, the Renault group has strong assets for year 2012 will be marked by a strong product offensive in Europe and at the international. A total of nine new models and ten new phases will lances. Among them, ZOE and Twizy electric vehicles two symbols Renault ability to make innovation accessible to all; New Clio flagship renewal brand design; and three new Dacia Lodgy minivan, van and MPV. The marketing of these new products, four new engines and the R-Link touch tablet integrated and connected to a tariff equivalent that without equip ZOE and New Clio in 2012 - will contribute to enhance the attractiveness of our brands "a. declares Jerome Stoll, Group Sales Director and Vehicles Utilities - Director of Operations Region Europe.

Renault sold 2,722,062 vehicles in 2011, a record picture #1

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