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Citroen would present a small "DS" in Geneva

- Citroen could be reborn has its way, the 2 CV -

Very recently, we announced that the French manufacturer intends to reborn the legendary Citroen 2CV.

This legendary car was produced in 5,114,961 copies between the years 1948 and 1990.

The Revolte concept

Citroen has unveiled in 2009 Frankfurt, the Revolte concept whose features were close to those of the famous 2CV.

Thus, we were perfectly justified to think that the french manufacturer would revive its icon, as was done successfully, and Volkswagen New Beetle and BMW and Mini.

Since then, very little news was issued on and here we learn that Citroen will unveil next March at the Geneva Salon, a small "DS" economic.

Citroen "DS"

In recent years, Citroen sells a trio of so-called high-end cars which came styling C3, C4 and C5 ranges. They bear the names of DS3, DS4 and DS5. However, despite the use of the letters "DS" in recent have absolutely nothing to do with the famous Citroen DS.

Citroen facing the huge success of its models "DS" including DS3, would be interested in repeating the experience but this time on the basis of the range of C1 or C2.

The serial model would not be the famous name "2CV", but rather that of a fourth "DS", whose figure could however draw lines of this old car also called "Deudeuche."

Citroen C1   

At Citroen, work is very strong in the redesign of its p'tite C1, the presentation could take place in March at the international Motor Show in Geneva. A small economic car developed in collaboration with manufacturers Peugeot and Toyota. Classified her cousins ​​are called Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo.

In all likelihood, the next "DS" making reference to the Citroen 2CV was unveiled in Geneva in March, in conceptual form.

On the European markets, this car will mainly deal with the popular Fiat 500, another icon ...

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