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Citroen 2 CV: Over 6,000 cars expected

The world's largest gathering of Citroen 2CV

With over 5300 pre-registration, the 19th World Meeting of 2CV Friends promises to break attendance records. From July 26 to 31, on a site of 60 hectares in the municipality of implanted Salbris (in France, Loir et Cher), the majority of clubs worldwide 2CV replied present to participate in the largest event devoted CITROEN 2CV. The brand will be exhibiting 4 preproduction pre-war and many events and exhibitions punctuate these several days, for the delight of the owners of this legendary model as visitors. The opportunity also for CITROEN expose the concept car REVOLTe, City compact, luxurious and technology, with lines inspired by the 2CV.

Citroen 2CV model makes the most of the history of the brand

The "POS" project launched in 30 years, had to specifications "carry 4 people and 50 kg of potatoes, a maximum speed of 60 km / h." The launch is planned for 1939 delayed because of the war. All vehicles are already built destroyed, with the exception of 4 copies which will be hidden for the duration of hostilities, and another copy retained by the Michelin ® Company. The car is finally exposed at the Paris Salon in 1948. His successor will be considerable, with 5,114,969 units produced which 1,246,335 vans between 1948 and 1990.

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