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Toyota unveils its new robots health care and nursing Tokyo

Four new types of robots whose commercialization is planned from 2013

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today organized an event in its exhibition space vehicles and thematic park Mega Web to present several new robots intended to areas of nursing and health care. The robots are part of the series of robots partners Toyota developed to help humans in their daily activities.

TMC considers Partner Robots that are useful in four fields: nursing and health care, personal transportation over short distances, manufacturing and domestic tasks. TMC currently working on the development of technology cooperation with humans, including mechanisms to facilitate the loading and displacement of heavy components in factories, in addition to automated technology that enables autonomous operation of machine tools.

TMC strives to provide to all the freedom of movement, and its links with the Toyota Memorial Hospital and other medical institutions have shown him as robotics responds to a great need in the fields of nursing and care health. TMC intends to support the autonomy of disabled persons consecutively has a disease or an accident, while helping them to recover and reduce the burden on caregivers.

Each robot incorporates the latest technologies developed by TMC, including control technology has high precision and high speed motor, the control technology of travel has high stability, achieved through the development of robots has two legs, and technology sensor that detects the position of the user as well as grip strength and holding power.

Since announcing his vision of robots partners in 2007, TMC has pursued the development of robots that can execute human activities, allowing the emergence of new lifestyles.

Main features of the Toyota robots partners:

- Autonomous walking aid

- Designed to help people who have lost the use of their legs as a result of paralysis or any other reason to walk alone. Installed on the paralyzed leg, the robot allows knee flexion to facilitate natural walking.

Aid the reeducation of walking

- Designed as an apparatus for reeducation of walking robot integrated assistive technology has the autonomous walking and promotes learning of the natural course for people with limited mobility.

- Aid the reeducation of balance

This robot has been designed to support the reeducation of the balance function in people with disorders of balance. The combination of self-stabilization technology on two wheels (inverted pendulum) and game components aims to make learning more enjoyable.

Help the transfer of patients

Designed to reduce the heavy physical burden of caregivers when transferring patients. Combining arm holders and a mobile platform, this robot helps the caregiver throughout the patient transfer from bed to toilet and toilet to bed.

These partners health care and nursing robots have been developed in collaboration with Fujita Health University Hospital, Aichi prefecture, Japan, TMC has provided useful information on the needs of specialized medical institutions to develop the robots.

TMC, in cooperation with numerous institutions of nursing and medical care, accelerate the development of robots taking into account the comments of the medical staff, for their marketing from 2013.

Robots are not limited to the field of health. Verification tests on robots personal transport assistance are underway in shopping centers and robots to aid manufacturing are already actively used in automobile production. Robotics also progresses in the field of assistance to domestic tasks.

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