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Mazda receives the prize "Euro NCAP Advanced" at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Last week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mazda has been awarded the coveted "Euro NCAP * Advanced" for its particularly innovative system to alert approaching vehicle (MVA) offers on the current Mazda3. The organization aims to put NCAP has the honor automakers launching new security systems which is scientifically proven to contribute to strengthen the safety driving.

This Euro NCAP award was presented in the Frankfurt Motor Show two main leaders of the organization, Marie Brasseur, director of communications and Aled Williams, director of program evaluations load Euro NCAP Advanced. And it is Takashi Yamanouchi, Director and Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Mazda Motor Corporation and Jeff Guyton, executive general manager, president and CEO of Mazda Motor Europe who received the award on behalf of Mazda.

"We are particularly proud to receive this award, stated Jeff Guyton, because it is none other than the recognition of concrete benefits of our control system of vehicles followers in terms of security to our customers. She just reward all the efforts we make in the design of our vehicles to ensure their exemplary security. It is not only the case for most of our current models, but our engineers will further endeavor to constantly enrich and improve the allocation of our vehicles in safety equipment. "

The Mazda RVM system allows the driver to avoid dangerous situations and collisions when changing lanes. Two radar, mounted on either side of the rear bumper sensors measure in real time the distance to surrounding vehicles and relative speed of the latter. The system warns the driver by means of a witness to close if a vehicle is in the left or right blind spot, or if a vehicle located at a maximum distance of 50 m is found precisely in one of these areas the next 5 seconds. If the driver activates the turn signal on the side or near the follower vehicle, the witness of close quickly starts flashing and a beep sounds to deter the driver to change lanes. The system detects Mazda RVM all types of vehicle, including motorcycles, and is designed to work perfectly independently (or almost) climatic conditions.

Euro-NCAP reward more particularly the system RVM current Mazda3, Mazda but also offers this equipment on its models Mazda5, Mazda6 and CX-7. The CX-5, the new compact crossover SUV brand, also will inherit this system from the beginning of next year, in addition to different resolutely innovative SKYACTIV technologies.

Mazda receives the prize "Euro NCAP Advanced" at the Frankfurt Motor Show picture #1

Mazda receives the prize "Euro NCAP Advanced" at the Frankfurt Motor Show picture #2

Mazda receives the prize "Euro NCAP Advanced" at the Frankfurt Motor Show picture #3

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