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European Mazda3: 5 stars in Euro NCAP tests


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The new compact Mazda is the fifth model in the brand unhook the maximum score in crash tests. Behavior and driving dynamics very sure of this vehicle further reduce the risk of accident.

New Mazda3 just unhook the maximum score of five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests *, thus falling in line with other anti-conventional models of the Mazda range. The last-born brand itself as the safest compact European testee this year by the agency Euro NCAP.

The very latest version of the unchallenged champion of sales Mazda has achieved outstanding scores in the four categories tested, namely 93% and 86% for the protection of adults and children - the results among the highest recorded in Europe this year - 65% for the protection of pedestrians and 81% for aid to security. These figures far outweigh the fixed thresholds by Euro NCAP to obtain an overall rating of five stars. ** This is the first time the performance of safety of New Mazda3 are evaluated by a large specialized agency.

Available in sedan and 5-door versions, this new model is the fifth of the Mazda range has to be aureole five star Euro NCAP since the agency has implemented its new evaluation system extremely strict in 2009. It fits and in line with the previous generation Mazda3, the former and current Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5. Like these two models, the new Mazda3 inherits from the ground connection and the body structure SKYACTIV distinguished by their lightness and their ability to absorb shocks. For example, its body structure is constituted approximately 60% of steel is high and ultra-high strength, against about 50% for its predecessor, hence weight gain combines rigidity has increased by 30% . The new compact Mazda and offers a level of passive safety even enhances, to which is added the i-range ACTIVSENSE gathering devices have active safety sensors last generation. The evaluations of the Euro NCAP agency will consider this type of system is 2014.

One of the other advantages of the new Mazda3, available in Europe since last month, lies in its performance acceleration, braking and steering responsiveness ensuring more reassuring. Many features facilitating the adoption of safer driving and thereby reducing the risk of injury without compromising the fun of conduct appropriate Mazda models. The Mazda3 also adopts a completely redesigned interior, inspired by a new interior concept aimed at helping the driver make the most of all the information provided to it by the systems of the vehicle.

* European New Car Assessment Programme, independent body assessing the safety of vehicles since 1997.

Occupants ** adults: 80%; occupants children: 60%; pedestrians: 60%; aid to security: 65%; Overall rating: 80%. The scores in each category are defined after several of crash tests, including a frontal collision at 64 km / h and a lateral collision between two vehicles is 50 km / h, a lateral impact on a pole was 29 km / h and simulated a collision with a pedestrian at 40 km / h. The agency Euro NCAP also assesses the system of electronic stability control (ESC) baptized by Mazda "Dynamic Stability Control" (DSC).

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