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The quebecois Toyota dealers combine a The Air

The Association of Quebec Toyota Dealers Joins Forces The Air

The Quebec Association against air pollution (AQLPA) announces the arrival of the Toyota Dealers Association of Quebec as a new partner of The Air!, The recycling program of old polluting vehicles. Henceforth, people who choose to dispose of their Ride with The Air! May receive a small cash up to $ 1,500 for purchase of a new vehicle or use of 4 years old, certify for its low pollutant emissions. In addition, owners will be able to inspect their old vehicles for free from the Quebec Toyota dealer of their choice.

"We are really pleased that Toyota joins the program to offer this incentive, which I am sure will appeal. It perfectly complement the fan Awards offertes.A date, we do not offer an incentive for the purchase of more fuel-efficient vehicles, but now, participants can avail cash back. People who replace their vehicle will thus concretely encouraged to choose more fuel-efficient cars, "was rejoices Andre Belisle, president of AQLPA.

"This partnership is great news, because it will encourage more Quebecois has benefit from the program The Air! Therefore, it will further contribute to achieving our ambitious target of reducing emissions of greenhouse gas emissions 20% below 1990 levels in 2020. I am delighted that extra incentive that comes enhance the program delivery, "stated the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Mr. Pierre Arcand.

Offer The Air!

The new reward for The Air! takes the form of a cash rebate of up to up to $ 1,500 for purchase of a new vehicle, or use of 4 years old, certify to its low pollutant emissions and consume less gasoline than old vehicle. The exact amount of the rebate will be determined depending on the pollution avoided when comparing C02 emissions over 3 years, the old and the new vehicle. New car pollutes less compared to the former, the more cash is important. There are three levels modulated discounts based on emission reductions of 3 years: $ 600, $ 1000 or $ 1500. For an overview of discount proposed in the program The Air! Simply use the calculator available on the program website.

These cash rebates can be combined with other offers at Toyota dealers. In addition, if the vehicle is eligible for replacement Credit (1) provided by the Government of Quebec for the purchase of a hybrid or electric vehicle, they shall also apply.

"First automobile partner to join the program, the Toyota Dealers Association of Quebec leads the way in encouraging people to concretely make more responsible choices in matters of motor vehicle. AQLPA hope that other manufacturers will follow suit and dealers to offer greener vehicles to motorists. The Air! mainly promotes modal shift and active transportation since its beginnings, but it would be unrealistic to believe that these alternatives are realistic across Quebec. The arrival of Toyota finally allow us to encourage people to replace their car to turn to more responsible choices, "says Patrick Bonin, Director Climate and Energy has AQLPA.

14 days free inspections

Offering The Air! Participation and the Toyota Dealers Association of Quebec does not stop. Of today, and for a period of 2 weeks, the owners of old vehicles, all brands, are invited to inspect their cars for free at one of 68 dealers in Quebec.

"The free inspection offered at dealerships Quebec seemed to us essential that motorists can learn more about the state of their vehicle. We believe that the pollution emitted by old vehicles is increasingly a deciding factor influencing the choice to change or not a vehicle. On the other hand, Toyota has always demarque in terms of inspections and its environmental commitment, "stated Jean-Pierre Gagnon, Regional Director at Toyota Quebec.

"The adequate maintenance of a vehicle is not only a matter of safety for its passengers but is first to act in favor of the air quality and the fight against climate change," emphasizes Andre Belisle AQLPA. "People that shall prevail this offer will have a more accurate picture of what is involved in the conduct of their vehicle. "

The offer of free inspection is valid until 30 September. It is available to owners of vehicles of model year 1997 and older, all brands. To benefit, eligible drivers must make an appointment with their Toyota dealership.

Why old vehicles?

The Air! applies to vehicles of model year 1997 and older. It is estimated that approximately 600,000 still on the roads of Quebec. Although they constitute only 10% of the light vehicle fleet (cars and light trucks), they are responsible for a very large share of the automobile pollution. According to recent calculations (2), the vehicles of the 1997 model year occur on average 20 times more polluting emission smog that vehicles from 2009 to 2010, while those of the 1995 model year and older to produce an average of 39 times! If old vehicles are more polluting to this point is that they were built before tightening emission standards and the arrival of cleaner technologies. But also because of their wear and because they are, in general way, less well maintained.

About The Air!

The Air! is the program for recycling older vehicles established in Quebec by AQLPA in 2003. It is supported by the Government of Quebec, through the intermediary of the Green Fund. Its objective is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of air, fight climate change and encourage people to use more sustainable modes of transport. In addition to the cash rebates now available for purchase more fuel efficient vehicles, thanks to the collaboration of a large network of partner, the participants The Air! can choose from a range of incentives: 12 months titles transit discounts for the purchase of a bike or an electric bike, discounts on the subscription carsharing service and / or service bike-sharing, etc.. To learn more, visit the Awards section of the site:

Between April 2009 and March 2011, over 40,000 people took advantage of program benefits. The removal of these vehicles in terms of air pollution, is equivalent to have removed 760,000 cars (3) 2004 Quebec roads. A big step for air quality and combat climate change.

(1) For more details on credits provided by government on the purchase or lease of hybrid and electric vehicles:

(2) Figures provided by Air Care, responsible for the mandatory inspection program in British Columbia

(3) According to Environment Canada emission factors conservatives wanting that vehicles 1995 and older pollute 19 times more than the 2004 and more recent.

About AQLPA 

The Quebec Association against air pollution (AQLPA), founded in 1982, is one of the oldest environmental groups in Quebec. Its mission is to contribute to the protection of the air and atmosphere, has both the health of humans and ecosystems, through the awareness, education and targeted actions.

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