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SPX provides solutions for home charge to customers of the Chevrolet Volt

Solution SPX allows owners of an electric vehicle charging their batteries in four hours at home

SPX and Chevrolet today announced installation services charger at home SPX clients the Chevrolet Volt in Canada. These chargers allow to reduce the duration of charging batteries for more than double.

The Chevrolet Volt is equipped with a lithium-ion battery of 16 kWh of which the duration of load is about 10 hours with a standard power outlet of 120 volts. Buying a charging station 240 volts to the services installation SPX home charger can charge the battery in four hours, which suddenly allows customers to take full advantage of the environmental benefits and savings vehicle recharge effected at the lowest price of electricity (in some regions).

"SPX is working with Chevrolet to launch the Volt in Canada and the United States, to develop reliable processes to ensure customer satisfaction with regard to the purchase and installation of a charging station, has said Tanvir Arfi, president of SPX Service Solutions. Since vehicles are immobilized more often at home, it was essential that we develop a charging station for solid home, and we are pleased to offer customers the Volt. "

"Electric car without compromise, the Chevrolet Volt revolutionized our way of seeing the conduct, said Kevin Williams, president and general director of General Motors of Canada. Many customers will no longer need to use gasoline regularly, these chargers at home and allow to fully enjoy all the benefits of an electric vehicle. "

SPX offers customers of the Chevrolet Volt a unique solution for the selection and installation of equipment of adequate power to charge their vehicles, in addition to being the authorized retailer of the equipment load for Voltec electric car Canada and the United States. As the exclusive supplier under this program, the team responsible for electric cars SPX will administer all aspects of charging at home, including conducting surveys, installation, permits, inspections , coordination with utilities and services after sales.

Voltec charging station has been conceived for residential charging the Volt is proposed and has an MSRP of $ 490. Optional SPX also offers PowerXpress charge station to Volt owners a. The station is available PowerXpress has an MSRP of $ 749, plug-in format or cabled. Installation costs vary since SPX offers a wide range of options depending on the configuration of the residence and the system load. The facility is available from $ 300, and, on average, installation fee is $ 1,100.

The Chevrolet Volt is currently sold at retail in the areas of Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Oshawa, Ottawa-Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec. Deliveries will begin shortly. Within twelve months after its launch in detail, the Volt will be available at all dealers nationwide.

The Chevrolet Volt has won the title of ecological car of the year 2012 at the International Auto Show in New York. Before delight As such, the Volt has won numerous awards in North America including:

• Car of the year the Car Guide 2012

• North American Car of the year

• Car of the year 2011 Motor Trend

• Green Car of the year 2011 according to Green Car Journal

• Car of the year 2011, according to CAR Magazine

• Palmares 10 best cars by Car and Driver magazine

• 2010 Technology Innovation by Popular Mechanics

• Ward's 10 Best Engines of the magazine, a recognition for the advanced powertrain of the Volt

For more details on the installation of feeder services at home SPX, visit website.

SPX provides solutions for home charge to customers of the Chevrolet Volt picture #1

SPX provides solutions for home charge to customers of the Chevrolet Volt picture #2

SPX provides solutions for home charge to customers of the Chevrolet Volt picture #3

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