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Th nk: The whole is reconnected

There was not long ago, you talked about the final end and for a time XIeme small Norwegian manufacturer Th! Nk manufactures for several years, the electric car more widespread in Europe, the Th! Nk City.

But let us not worry because the company has to be saved again. This time, he is a tycoon paper industry Russian Boris Zingarevich, who just wear purchaser of the assets of the company. Incidentally, the latter will be renamed Electric Mobility Solutions.

It appears that the production of small electric city should take somewhere in 2012.

However, it is unclear whether situated in the United States where it was possible to produce small car assembly plant has lower costs will be able to resume its activities.

The Th! Nk City

It is a small city has fully electric engine whose template is between that of the smart fortwo and Toyota Yaris, whose lengths are:

Smart fortwo: 2695 mm

Th nk City: 3140 mm

Toyota Yaris: 3825 mm

Its electric motor can be coupled to two types of batteries. The car ad an average range of 160 kilometers.

Th nk: The whole is reconnected picture #1

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