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Audi will assemble SUVs in Mexico

The Ingolstadt manufacturer dream for many years to come together in North America of models specific for this work.

After Volkswagen, which is income producing our neighbors to the South Chattanooga Volkswagen Passat, we could then expect that the Audi brand - owned by the German giant - in turn come to settle in the United States.

The big surprise

Volkswagen already assembles its Beetle and Jetta models in Puebla Mexico. Today, cars assemblies by Mexicans are very good quality. As proof, the Dodge Journey, Ford Fusion, Nissan Versa and many others that are produced in Mexican soil.

For many, the fact that Audi comes to settle in Mexico is a big surprise, because it will be the first manufacturer of premium cars, a foothold in this country.

A business decision

Please note that the free trade agreements between the United States, Canada, Mexico and some countries in South America have contributed to facilitate the decision by Audi.

To this must be added the advantages of being near the Volkswagen facility in Mexican territory, particularly in the choice of various North American suppliers.

That SUV?

We do not yet know or be implanted this new plant, but only sport utility vehicles will be assembled over there.

In all probability, the popular Audi Q5 second generation would any vehicle designated to be produced in Mexico after 2016.

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