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Carpool respectful of the environment in Laval

CLICK: Go carpooling electric vehicle in Laval

The Societe de transport de Laval, who initiated this pilot project will recruit Carpoolers. Of autumn, crew traveling on board of electric cars Chevrolet Volt, between home and ride lot, or they will have a reserved spot. A total of ten teams of four users will be trained and will be distributed to the following parking seven electric cars will be directed to the Montmorency terminus, two to the terminus and a Cartier St. Dorothee station. Consequently, this mode will allow displacements entirely powered by electricity or electric car with the Volt, and thereafter with the metro or commuter train Deux-Montagnes.

"This is another step in the implementation of the 2011-2020 Action Plan on electric vehicles we are taking today. For a future worthy of our commitment to sustainable development, the entire Quebec society is invited to meet the challenge of sustainable mobility and innovation. This initiative will ensure that, very soon, take public transportation has never been as environmentally responsible, "said Minister Sam Hamad.

"Innovation and sustainable economic development combine in this new form of carpooling car maker. It is a sign of the leadership and the will of our government and its partners to come in concrete action to improve the lives of our citizens. These conditions are precisely in Laval, and we are proud that this initiative was instigated carrier, "says the MP Alain Paquet.

"On June 14, the City of Laval released its plan for sustainable mobility. No less than 21 measures are proposed to reduce by 50% by 2031, per capita GHG emissions related to the transport of Laval. This pilot project is one of the first measures of the Plan of sustainable mobility has to be put in place concrete action to enable Laval to move with clean vehicles, more environmentally friendly, "evokes the Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt.

The crews of this pilot project will consist of people who live in the same neighborhood that move to the same hours between their residence and one of the three selected ride lots. A crew will constitute a designated driver, a substitute and two passengers in carpools. Each crew will receive a reserved parking place and will reduce its fuel consumption considerably.


"CLIC will be a new way of seeing public transit. This new form of carpooling with an electric vehicle and a place reserved in a park and ride, adds an extra dimension to the diversity and quality of services provided by transit agencies such as STL and AMT, "says the STL president, Jean-Jacques Beldie.

"This new concept of eco-modal split of an electric car will use a fully electric propulsion mode. The eco-modal share has therefore integrated both the passage of a single mode of transport is the car solo, a collective mode, carpooling, and a mode of pollutant transport, car petrol has a clean, electric drive mode. CLIC is a pilot project aimed at sustainable development of multimodal transport, integrated and linked with sustainable practices, "said the chairman and ceo of the AMT, Joel Gauthier.

"The CLIC project opens new horizons for the use of electric vehicle. Hydro-Quebec is pleased to offer users a CLIC providing clean and renewable energy, has said Ms. Chantal Guimont, Director, Energy Systems for Electric Vehicle Hydro-Quebec. We will follow with great interest the evolution of this carrier in matters of collective electric transportation initiative. "

"In order to encourage users to endorse the use of electric cars and allow them to experiment the cars of tomorrow, the Chevrolet Volt, the only electric vehicle whose autonomy can reach 580 km, will be provided to crews of pilot project. Providing the benefits of an electric vehicle without the disadvantages of travel limit, the electric car is recharged from a domestic socket 120 V. charging terminals 240 V will also be built in three incentive parking TN referred by the pilot project to facilitate refills, "adds the director customer service and after-sales area of ​​eastern Canada GM, Mr. Frederic Racine.

For more information, visit the STL

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