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Toyota is proud of its website

The Toyota website is first class for customer satisfaction, according to the survey of assessment websites Canadian manufacturers JD Power and Associates for 2011.

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According to the evaluation survey websites Canadian manufacturers JD Power and Associates for 2011, the Toyota site provides the highest level of satisfaction among customers; this assessment comes from 2,555 consumers who indicates it wants to purchase a new vehicle within the next 12 months.

"We are honored that the site was deemed n? 1 for the customer satisfaction, has said Stephen Beatty, Managing Director at Toyota Canada Inc. We take great pride in the new configuration tool on our website, which allows buyers to customize virtually the model of vehicle they intend to buy. Canadian drivers are busy people, and they need information that are easy to use and accessible; our website plays a key role to ensure that this is exactly what we offer. "

The survey by JD Power and Associates, which is in its sixth year, has examined the websites of Canadian manufacturers point of view of consumers who intend to buy a new vehicle in the next 12 months.

This survey focused on four factors that contribute to overall customer satisfaction: information / content; speed of loading pages of the website easier to navigate the website; and general appearance of the website. Toyota by placing the first place for customer satisfaction, JD Power and Associates noted that Toyota "has a particularly high performance level of these four factors."

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