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Lexus CT 200h: Best secutitaire choice in crash tests

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Lexus CT 200h: Best secutitaire choice in crash tests picture #1

Lexus CT 200h 2014 UNVEILED

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) today announced that the all-new 2011 Lexus CT 200h, the first hybrid luxury sportback model in the world, won the rating of "Best choice for safety."

Rating "Best choice for security" is the highest in matters of security ever awarded by the IIHS noted. To be eligible for this rating, a vehicle must receive the highest rating (Good) for frontal, lateral and rear collisions and rollover IIHS, and must be equipped with an electronic control system of the stability. The announcement was published on the website of the IIHS ( The IIHS is a research and communication independent nonprofit funded by auto insurance companies.

All Lexus models meet or exceed the requirements of all safety standards Canadian and American.

According to Lexus, the body structure of the CT 200h plays a key role at its core safety features. To help protect the driver and passengers, the body is designed to be strong and strategically RESILIENT to absorb and distribute the energy generated in a collision. Elements of a high strength steel are arranged with care in the structure of the body to help provide a good resistance in the keys areas.

The CT 200h is equipped with a series of Supplemental restraint system with eight airbags, including dual front airbags and two phases airbag protection for the knees of the driver and front passenger, lateral airbags and curtain side airbags in the front to help protect the front seat passenger and rear in certain types of frontal and lateral collisions violent.

The front airbag has two bedrooms front passenger assistance disperse exercised on the passenger immediately after the deployment forces. In addition, the front seat belts are equipped with a tension device with force limiters to help protect occupants in certain frontal collisions violent. The CT 200h is also equipped with seats to reduction of whiplash dotes a folder presenting a modified structure and a new type of headrest.

Producing a total output of 134 hp and offering the best combined fuel consumption rating in the segment of luxury vehicles (barely 4.6 L/100 km), the CT 200h was launched in Canada in March 2011. Learn more on the reasons why Canadian motorists to choose the new CT 200h hybrid sportback, consumers are encouraged to visit the Lexus dealership their locality.

Lexus CT 200h: Best secutitaire choice in crash tests picture #2

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