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2011 Nissan LEAF: charged from $ 38,395

Nissan Canada announces pricing for the 2011 Nissan LEAF fully electric

- The first car has zero affordable tour through the issuance Canadian roads this fall

Today, Nissan Canada announces pricing for the Nissan LEAF, the first fully electric car world affordable commercialized on a large scale designed to meet the real needs of drivers. With an MSRP from $ 38,395, the 2011 Nissan LEAF gives Canadians the first real opportunity to own a car that offers zero emission size, safety, components and comfort they desire to meet their needs displacements daily.

With its 24 kWh battery, buyers of Ontario and Quebec are eligible for reimbursement from their provincial government respectively $ 8,500 and $ 8,000 on the cost of a Nissan LEAF, the maximum amount available.

"The announcement of the award made today brings us one step closer to official arrival of the Nissan LEAF on Canadian roads this fall for consumers and all Canadians who have expressed the wish to have the opportunity to own a a zero emission vehicle, "stated Ian Forsyth, Director of Planning of electric vehicles, Nissan Canada Inc." In addition to driving one of the most innovative and pleasant cars on the market, the owners of Nissan LEAF will enjoy at a fraction of the cost of using a conventional gasoline vehicles and hybrids. "

The costs of using the Nissan LEAF are well below those of a vehicle with internal combustion engine, because this car has no engine does not need oil changes and requires less maintenance. In addition, the cost per kilometer of a Nissan LEAF is about 80% lower than that of a very fuel efficient car.

For example, a car with an internal combustion engine that consumes 8 l/100 km will cost about $ 1,760 per year in gasoline (if we assume a price of $ 1.10 / l for petrol and a distance of 20 000 km / year). Go the same distance with the Nissan LEAF will cost about $ 320 per year (if we assume the electricity is $ 0.11 kWh).

"The Nissan LEAF was conceived in all rooms as a fully electric vehicle and includes a wide range of exclusive innovations," said Forsyth says. "In addition to lithium-ion, which is the heart of the Nissan LEAF, it has an antenna design which reduces noise, ECO driving mode that maximizes the autonomy of the car and CARWINGS telematics system which can communicate with the car via a smart phone, just to name a few features. "

The Nissan LEAF will be available in two versions whose basic model well equipped "SV" ($ 38,395), which includes a wide range of standard equipment as the whole "cold weather" specially designed for cold countries.

The equipment also includes the following:

• synchronous electric AC motor 80 kW (107 hp);

• Lithium-ion 24kWh and charger onboard 3.3 kW;

• ABS brakes disc front and at the back,

• Vehicle Dynamic Control, traction control system;

• alloy wheels 16-inch, LED headlights;

• Heated exterior mirrors with electric drive and rear spoiler;

• Nissan Navigation system;

• CARWINGS telematics monitoring system and trip computer;

• heating system of the battery;

• Heated seats in the front and the rear and heated steering wheel;

• Bluetooth ®;

• Intelligent MD Cle Nissan;

• Automatic control of the temperature of the cabin, cruise control;

• XM satellite radio (subscription required) and USB connection for iPod;

• anti glare mirror and windshield wipers with variable intermittent scan.

* The model SL ($ 39,995) further comprises the following equipment:

• reverse camera;

• fog lights;

• charger solar panel;

• Homelink transmitter-receiver (for garage door opener);

• tonneau cover.

* The fast-charging station is also available as an option with the SL model ($ 900).

Nissan LEAF

One of the most examined car industry for good reason, Nissan LEAFMC is the first affordable car zero issuance in the world and all parts conceived as an electric vehicle.

Nissan LEAF is a car rear tailgate intermediary offering plenty of cargo space and comfortable seats that can accommodate five adults. On a range of 160 km (depending on the LA4 test cycle EPA) with total charge, Nissan LEAF provides 90% of Canadians autonomy they need to perform their daily displacements. The charging station at home 240 v can fully recharge the battery in seven hours; Moreover, a rapid charger can charge level 3 80% in the battery only 26 minutes.

Powered by a lithium-ion developping 107 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque, the Nissan LEAF is a nervous and pleasant car to drive. As the Nissan LEAF does not possess traditional engine, it is extremely quiet. Thus, for safety reasons, an external sound system has been integrated to warn pedestrians that the car approach!

The dashboard displays regularly updated information on the independence and effectiveness of the conduct; a telematics system called CARWINGS allows the driver to communicate with the car via a smart phone to operate remotely the air conditioner or heater, as well as to manage and monitor the charging of the battery.

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